Bow is shit. OPR is GA/WH, IG and healer

Funny that bow had a month and then they revert back to the standard meta for the previous 6 months.

When people say bow is fine and you’re hitting people for between 1k-3k with heavy and pen shot. Other abilities range between 500-1.5k, bow is a waste of time.


Sounds like a you problem.
On my server there are 5-10 on every side each game.
And they are still doing as good as before the patch.


Walks by fort door, starts PoD, Dies before hammer crash

or my favorite

Healer rolls out of the door with 100 health, dodge forward into door-frame to try and catch healer

whizz whizz whizz


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I have purple bow with keanly jag and fire atautment and i am stil top 5 so i dont know were isyour problem ;D

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I have the same bow, DMG is terrible.

Unless everyone is running at least 20% thrust. Which wouldn’t make much sense given there are about 2-4 bows per side or the nerf reduced dmg.

You can be top 5 quite easily if you’re willing just to pad your score for no purpose.

Until Amazon will add DMG Mitigation on score counting, we will keep see threads like this and majority community following the new dps meta all the time.

Everybody focus doing dmg, many times one team take fort while other team is fighting right in front of the door. Many ppl are just blind about forts situation or not seeing baron time.

If we would had DMG mitigation (dmg taken) on score counting there would be more diversity in OPR. We gonna see tanks and heavy bruisers more often. They wont do 5k+ dmg but would help a lot teams to actually do the fights in forts or to defend forts doors.

But now all we see is majority on light and going to pew pew from the door, rarely seeing ppl pushing inside.

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Totally agree bows were the biggest issue not due to the fact they were OP but people don’t understand winning OPR is based on capturing the point, it gives us nothing if you do mental damage when we are unable to capture the points or you choose to fight not point because they kite you like a marionette.

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actions in forts (Sun, Star, Moon) should earn more points.

now the difference between an archer or melee meta is that the melee at least plays the objective and also allows archers to play their role.


Melee is rare on my server, everyone is playing mage or ranged. Had some oprs where I’m almost positive there was only 4 melees

Bow it’s still crazy. Get that explosive shot empower and hit hard with everything after. You can even put 50 int for that 10% crit damage since you crit a lot and it will scale the rapier a bit too

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I wish my ga/wh hit anything. :~| Takes like 3 swings for it to finally register.

Exactly. Couldn’t have said it any better.

For a healthier game, melee must be strong. Without it we have CoD.

I do love watching a bow/rapier or IG/rapier kite 5 people around a fort forever tho lol

Thats what all archer do man, boosting their ego by seeking TOP 5.

On dry tree TOP 5 are always 3-4 archer too, with sometime a very good musket or healer player.
Bow is still S+ tier weapon, espcialy in OPR where u can hit n run to infinity, the hit box of it is way too big.

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OPR scoring is wrong, ppl who contribute the most by tanking and holding points or ppl who run back to enemy back line to take or put pressure on star/moon are always on the bottom ranking.

While on the other hand ppl who just follow the group and pew pew aoe dmg are in top 5. Then they talk trash like carrying the match or other craps.


idk what u guys talking
everyone on this list with more then 15 kills was a bow player… :rofl:

Don’t make me go and screenshot the 52 and 1 musket player that was smacking for 6k a shot while in shooter stance. Lol

Bow still needs a good nerf. This nerf went the way of the ga where it ended up a buff. I see more now than I did before the patch.

It’s so bad I’ve taken to assassin builds again so I can wreck the backline or distract the hell out of them at the very least. They aren’t very hard to kill if you can catch them because most run with no con.

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Crit dmg from int go up only for bady shot for bow, and exsplosive arow perkt buff go off after second hit

Not a bowman myself, I actually hate them and muskets. Bow is supposed to hit hard as hell. The thing is that the hitbox is too big to compensate for the game desync, so anyone can play bow and look down to others. Most old bowmen I know ditched the weapon for the time being as it went from a niche to the new cheesy build.
Not a hardcore nerf as AGS is used to, but a tune down. It was a finesse weapon, keep it so and highly rewarding as it should.