Bow is useless at long range in PVE

The bow is supposed to be a long range weapon and i like it that i can hit targets very far away, however the mobs always reset before reaching me, usually with 20-30% health remaining.
I can replicate this 100% with different types of mobs, they all have some sort of “leash” that makes them reset whenever they move too far from their respawn point.

This is quite a common mechanic in all games, this is why “kiting” is a thing. I’m not sure this is something that will be changed.

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Buffing the bow is dangerous, as it is already a very powerful weapon, realy hard-hitting and outperforming musket at medium range encounters.

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I know it’s a necessary mechanic so you don’t pull a world boss in a city WoW style, however in other games you can shoot mobs from this far away, here i’m just standing still, waste few arrows and the mob will reset before reaching me, kiting isn’t necessary to trigger this.

And this isn’t about buffing the bow, it’s about properly adapting a mechanic, sometimes you can’t just copy/paste things from other games and expect to have the same result in a different environment.

I don’t mean to sound like a smartass, but…

Have you considered moving a bit closer to the mobs?


Yeah i did, i also considered using a different weapon that works much better when i’m closer to the mobs.
Right now the bow is a waste of potential, it feels like the team who designed it put all the elements in order to make it a great weapon, however there was no communication with the team that makes the AI.

Bow is such a great weapon, but its really not that usefull… Its nice in 1on1 fights (PvE and PvP), if you hit from far awar.
In expeditions, you “never” hit first and you get outdamaged by like everyone… I dont know, fun weapon by far away from being meta…

I didnt have the problem with resetting, but wanted to add that here :smiley: (used bow from lvl 5 to 50)

I’m not saying the bow is the perfect weapon, but I’m just not sure I agree with you that attacking from so far away that mobs de-aggro before they make it to your location is as dire as you think it is.

I’m having plenty of fun seeing how much HP I can whittle off enemies before they reach melee range. Sometimes I’m able to kill them entirely, if I’m lucky with crits & headshots. Sometimes I need to get a melee weapon out.

That’s not the end of the world.

Nobody said this is the end of the world, imagine if you had an attack skill that after hitting a mob, it causes it to reset, then you make a forum post giving your feedback and i reply with:
“Have you considered not using that ability? just use a different ability, just because this one doesn’t work it’s not the end of the world”.

For me this is a broken ability, if the game wants me to hit mobs from so far away then the mobs shouldn’t reset, if the game doesn’t want me to hit mobs from so far away then they should reduce the range the arrow can travel.

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