Bow issues & suggestions - reposting every few days until a dev/community manager sees it

I feel like bow changes receive relatively very little feedback and a lot of hate on the forums since there’s not as many bow players as say, GA/WH or Mage players. The bow feels more and more sluggish with each recent change. From the most recent dev video, the bow will be getting another animation “nerf” and on top of that, we will eventually not be able to cancel the dodge’s end lag (this change affects ranged dps the hardest, when they need to kite away but still stay close enough to do actual dps; but it’ll affect all classes to a degree)

I think most bow players would agree that they should be able to have some smoothness in how they shoot and chain their abilities, the bow feels the best being played like a midrange to semi-long range spacing weapon, playing close enough to do optimal damage while far enough away so that they don’t get popped since they’re playing light armor. The old animation cancel really aided in that as the bow lost its smoothness from chaining abilities together in an older patch. The bow, as a weapon class, should NOT function the same as a musket. The musket, by nature, is supposed to be a long range, high damage weapon. The bow should not be in the same class as the musket, as it will be outshined in every way.

Sure, the bow’s individual shots may hit harder than musket (depending on build), BUT its much much less consistent, not to mention the musket get sit miles away on a rock and reliably hit shots since muskets bullets are hit scan.

  1. You have to factor in arrow drop
  2. You have to factor in travel time
  3. Your arrows and bow abilities get sucked up by ALLY great axe maelstroms (this has to be a bug right?)

Considering all of this, why would a long range dex player ever pick the bow over the musket, they wouldn’t in their right mind. How many successful bow players do you see in war, compared to successful GA/WH or successful musket players? I don’t on my server or any war vods of other servers I watch. The war meta is dominated by healers and strength weapons.

The bow’s small small niche is medium range engagements in open world pvp and OPR. If you try to use the bow in war, you’ll quickly see how little your inconsistent big dmg means in the midst of 10 or more healers in war, as that’s the standard healer number. The bow should be a smooth agile weapon in my opinion. I would even take a damage nerf if it meant the bow feeling more smooth and responsive to play.

I’ve done so many group pvp duels with and against the bow. The bow is easily beatable by a good player who knows how to utilize dodges and weaving while approaching; not just mindlessly pressing their abilities to get a dopamine hit, getting kited, and then raging on the forums.

Make the bow more meaningful, fun, and smooth to play; nerf the damage if you need to, don’t nerf the mechanics more than you already have.

Anyone, please tell me if you disagree, I’d love to hear an opposing view.

P.S. The reason why you see so many bow highlights on youtube is because, lets be honest, who wants to watch a GA/WH hightlight vid LOL


the developers dont like the bow because it takes skill, they want to remove any type of skill in the game and make it a left clicking game.

the combat of the game was in better shape at release, it had broken abilities but the fluid motion was far superior.

they already put Light gear dodge animation cancel in the bug list and likely going to be remove in Feb this would make the Light set up obsolete even from a die hard fan

the devs all use str weapons, weird :slight_smile:

yeah the pvp in the game was much much better in the first few months than now.
this was supposed to be a pvp-centric mmo, but its turning more pve patch by patch


the same opinion of mine. Damn bow suck now… … Eveyone playing great axe and war hammer and this freaking heavy armor with all kind of resist. they got 12k health and u hit them for 1500 maximum. Jesus christ… where this devs wathing. Lets see statistic of Exe users, probably like Axe + warhammer = 80% and this 20 % all others

would love to now what server u play melee sucks in opr on mine 90% are just ranged players xd

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