Bow jump animation cancel exploit

Please fix this exploit Amazon:

Bow users are running around now jumping like rabbits every time they shoot.

You can fire TWICE as fast if you jump right after shooting and canceling the animation.

Example: New World - [34 kills OPR PvP] Bow + Rapier gameplay (4k) - YouTube


I hope they fix this exploit soon: If canceling musket reload animation with a dodge is an exploit than using a bow in this manner is no exception.


ye, this issue needs to be fixed asap



Another video of the exploit: New World - Rank 1 Jumping Rabbit - Bow + Rapier Gameplay (4k) - YouTube

Hello @Luxendra @Kay has this issue been acknowledged? Thanks

Thanks for the report, we are investigating this.


At this point just bring back rolling out of shots for musket and fix bow ADSing issues, the recent changes to combat make everything feels clunky which is half the reason this jumping came about as a bandaid for whatever god awful changes were implemented at the time.


Cant wait until all the cry babies get what they want. Soon it will be all hatchets in OPR and Wars.


Saw a guy do this yesterday, and said it was ‘skill’ lmao.


How is this an exploit?

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Because you can fire twice as fast and that’s not intended. They can leave it but they need to bring machine gun fire staff back to balance it.


if we are undoing bug fixes then crouch muskets please.

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I honestly don’t mind having animations cancels like this to make the skillceelig higher and I say that as a meele who now can’t catch good bow/rapier players at all, and im a light armor bruiser.

But there needs to be some changes. I wish every weapon had more control over their movement, why can’t meele move while they attack just like every other weapon instead of being dependent on the lunge which is now very bad. The old lunge was definitely way too broken, but imo there shouldn’t be much lunging at all, just let us have freedom over our movement while we attack. That way people cant just spam auto attack and let the game do the rest, it would actually require good player input.


It’s technically an exploit as it is making use of something that was not intended.

However, would animation cancelling a heavy with a charge also be an exploit?

Yeah, less of an exploit more of a “These ****ing players are breaking stuff again” moment and it’ll probably get dropped on a low priority trello list somewhere.

That would be good. It also sometimes allows for them to avoid roots and stuns

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and freedom dont work, we need freedom working

Good morning all,

I just took notice of that and as a main bow player I was curious if the matter is true. So, I recorded myself at 144fps in both scenarios: shooting and shoot/jumping.

I am not measuring a difference, besides some fps in advance to the one or the other way - it’s around 5-10 fps, so I assume a more manual error.

Another thing I was interested in this is if I am able to walk faster after shooting and jumping, in other terms: is the animation really cancelled?

My results are:
During the time of the cancellation, I was able to walk very close to the same amount I could jump.

So, my conclusion is, that while the animation is cancelled, the movement speed stays the same.

I have the feeling, that while watching the video, the imagination is playing a trick with the watcher here.

Have a good new year eve, all!