Bow jump animation cancel exploit

WAI WHAT? Freedom perk you talking about? It does not work? Uff, if they buff IG soon.

Also, Energizing Evade Shot not working as does not the Plentiful Arrows bag perk btw, but I reported that already.

That’s not what the OP is talking about.

If you animation cancel you can shoot again very quickly. The whole purpose of the animation is to give you a higher rate of fire.

Plus this dude was obviously using an Aimbot.

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^ as well as Vigor! just tested few days ago

As a bow user since closed beta, I don’t think it’s an exploit, but I don’t think it should be a thing. That said I don’t think it’s that busted, I frequently beat other bow users without doing it. I do understand why it’s frustrating as it isn’t a consistent thing across other weapons. It also look unintended :rofl:

I do think you should be able to dodge/block out of a skill though… I think combat feels a little worse since they adjusted the time you can roll out of ADS.

at this point lets just remove bow cuz a muskete does better job at range dps a ice gauntlet one shots mostly idk what the job of bow is but dealing dmg currently nope and mobility isnt there either hitting targets is harder then other weaponms and is more unrewarding since above 300 dex scales = 0%

Hi all,
hi @paulshim,

You must have misunderstood the way I measured it. The entire point of my recording was to check how many frames have passed until I can shoot again when I:

  1. shoot one arrow after another
  2. shoot, directly jump, shoot (after landing)

The results are very similar, so I conclude that there is no faster shooting present. But I truly understand the interpretation by watching the video, it really looks “faster”. Even when I tried it myself while recording. But counting the frames, it really was not.

I am very curious on what foundation your claim is based. I am not familiar with aim bots nor am I interested in it, but I could never tell how to prof it based on a video.

Have a good one!

Sad to see all the bow users claiming it is not an exploit. LOL obviously it is not as intended. This game is so broken though. It is hard to know what is working properly and what is not.

so bow jump is probably not intended is what im getting out of Kays response.

dodge weapon swap animation canceling is on the issues list.

so do you guys just want us to spam left click with a couple button presses every 10s? sounds very boring.

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I actually thought this was a game mechanic, it makes bow feel better to play with and it increases the skill cap of the weapon, I’d let alone that mechanic and just tune the dmg of the bow and may be some of the passives that allows bow/rapier users to run away from the enemy with ease.

I’m a mage main btw, I’ve just played bow on ptr and it feels good being able to cancel animation with jump then fire, as a mage I can dodge after a pilar of fire to shorten the animation as well and I think it’s a good thing to be honest. It may be unfair due to the fact that it’s the only weapon that uses animation cancel through jumps instead of dodges but Im not so sure if that’s bad, if we keep nerfing weapons to the ground there wont be any weapon that feels good to use.

The problem with this bow jump “mechanic” is that it jumps out of most meele attacks nearly every time, literally impossible for meele to do anything if they are good at it. The jump animation cancelling with bow basically works as a dodge vs meele, and they can do it forever, while doing very good damage if they have the aim, its not balanced.

If jump cost stamina then it would probably solve the whole issue, though that would make the game less enjoyable for every other class and people who just likes jumping. Then again its not like any other class jumps at all unless they need to get over an obstacle.


Is anyone surprised?

Dude was not using aimbot at all lmfao. Clearly you’re delusional, can tell you’re one of the people who will call cheats on anyone better. Dude is just flicking randomly, and can curve his shots because of how arrow travel time works in this game, especially with latency inconsistencies, server-side vs client-side inconsistencies, iframe inconsistencies, so many other things related. The dude is just a good bow player, stop being salty lol.

I don’t think this mechanic should be changed at all. The way that the bow is setup already makes it the hardest-to-aim weapon in the game. The calibration of the arrow traveling isn’t centered, the weapon itself has a drop-off rate, and the time it takes to shoot your next arrow (without jumping) is the longest compared to the other ranged weapons (not including musket). The amount of time it takes for a light attack on a bow is ALMOST as equivalent to the time it takes for a heavy attack on FS/IG. The light attacks on the FS/IG are MUCH faster than the bow.

This jump cancel actually comes with a downside against ranged players, which is that it makes you an easier target to hit. The jump cancel makes the attack speed equivalent to the light attacks on FS/IG, making it an even playing field. The jumping makes you easier to hit, and anyone who has played FPS games would know that a jumping target is the easiest to hit / aim at. This adds more variety with the bow making it a more fun weapon, not everyone uses the jump cancelling anyways, and it makes the bow itself a more fluid weapon. Removing this would just screw over every bow user against any ranged DPS player. Might as well make the bow hitscan at that point. Musket is viable because it is fully hit scan, so the time it takes to shoot your next shot would make sense. Hitting bow shots is harder than hitting shots on any other ranged weapon. Please do take these factors into consideration, before you decide to make any changes with the bow at all, whether it be keeping it how it is right now, or screwing all bow users over.

Not being salty at all. If you can’t tell if someone is using an aimbot, that’s on you. I’m a bow user as well. The fact is I’m tired of playing OPR with 99% range people.

Then I guess based on your “observation” I’m cheating in my videos too right because I hit 7-9 shots in a row? Yup, makes perfect sense. It’s easy to tell if a musket user is using aimbot, because that is hit scan. Aimbot wouldn’t even work properly (keyword: properly)for bow users, due to the weapon being a projectile, and having to lead your shots. At that point it’s more of a “Projectile Prediction” cheat, rather than an aimbot. There’s so many clips I have of myself where it looks sketchy, but all it is, is me hitting shots lol. If you’re tired of playing OPR with 99% range people, that’s on you.

Bow jump shotting has been around since at least the games release- I don’t know about beta because I didn’t play bow in beta. Jump shotting is significantly harder to do since the 1.2 patch due to the “consistency pass”, though it is still doable. The problem is that jump shotting seems right on the bow. It definitely allows for some skill expression. It feels awful to shoot an arrow and then stand there like a deer in the headlights while you wait for the animation to “finish”. It opens you up to getting blasted by pretty much anything. Animation canceling as a whole needs to be in the game, because currently combat feels super clunky. I really just love mashing my potion button for 6-7 seconds and it not going off, because getting hit by a great axe counts as an animation for some reason, and since you cannot cancel an animation, you can’t use that potion. Overall, combat in 1.2 just feels worse in nearly every way.

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Its not an exploit, it takes more skill than spamming right click, grav well, reap, beserk hatchet, GET all my health back…iframe for invulnerability so arrow can’t hit you, grav well, reap, beserk. Nerf the hatchets beserk healing…the only weapon tree skill that lets you heal…oh and let me use a light staff and crit for 2-3k, makes a lot of sense a healing weapon kills as well lol.


As a bow rapier user I don’t like jumping around as well. I would like to use dodge for canceling or movement/positioning… But at current state of the bow wont let this happen… Can’t dodge right after shooting and it makes mid range combats turn into close ranged combat situations very fast because of that “sustained animation” right after shooting an arrow. It is also funny how a community manager responds to this very well known situation that appeared day after 1.1 patch… Bow is nothing like musket and its not a long range weapon, it just have a long range but it makes sense in mid range because of its drop, rate of fire and mobility. Devs really need to play bow for couple of hours problems are there and very visible. Any skilled bow player will tell you that they dont care about damage nerf to bows, its the mobility to consider and smooth, snappy animations makes it enjoyable.

Theres a perk that reloads musket when you dodge. Not sure what this means. When I dodge any time the perk isnt set up time wise, I sit there for double the amount of time trying to reload. You get penalized for trying to dodge unless the perks cooldown is up and you can do it.

10 days you’ve allowed it go on. not a single report i’ve made has resulted in a ban. Impeccable job.