Bow - Knee Shot Perk Buff

Current Stats for the Ultimate perk on Bow’s Skirmish line is Knee Shot

Leg shots cause 10.0% slow for 2.0s. (Slow reduces target’s movement speed.)

It’s extremely lackluster for an Ultimate perk, not only does it promote lower damage, the higher skill required to shoot legs is paid off with a 2 second slow for 10%.

Here is my suggestion to bring it inline with other Ultimate Perks.

Leg shots (basic and heavy) deal 30% more damage, and cause 30.0% slow for 2.0s. (Slow reduces target’s movement speed.)


Knee shot has always sucked.

It should be at least 30% slow. Full stop.

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I‘m sure the community is completely open to buffing a weapon that is totally not massively overrepresented in the current meta.

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It’s not really about buffing a weapon, it’s about ensuring all perks are meaningful and have impact. The way this perk is currently looks more like a Placeholder.

A change such as this would change the meta, and you might see some bow users go deeper into skirmish.

That‘s exactly what you‘re asking for though.

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I go through all abilities of weapons looking for abilities lacking impact. I care not for the meta. I care about impactful choices. I don’t even like Bows personally. but I can’t stand seeing lack luster abilities, and I will make feedback posts regarding them.

its harder to hit head shot, legs have a wide hitbox.

30% damage increase is insanely overpowered, since concussion gives 20% boost for headshots which are fairly harder to land.

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Headshots always count as a critical and have an additional multiplier on top of it. iirc its like 30% damage. So with Concussion your headshots do 50% more damage and are a crit.

Knee shots don’t gain any additional damage, or crit chance, they do flat body shot damage if they don’t crit. So if they did crit, they’d only be doing 30% bonus damage.

Also its up to AGS ultimately what the values are, we don’t have the complete picture to suggest perfect values. But I think its fair to say to forgo the Guaranteed Crit and 50% bonus damage of Headshots, vs the normal 30% noncrit of a knee shot, but adds a slow.

Not really since most people use 150 con and 5 resilient, which leads to exactly 20% more damage.

Bow’s have 1.30 critical multiplier, unless you’re using vicious your critical hits will not do any extra damage on 150 con 5 resil targets.

In fact if you don’t have vicious in your weapon keen is pretty much useless and you’re better off with enchanted and a thrust damage ring, not a keen awareness one.

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Giving Knee Shot better utility so as to keep debuffs running is fine (15-20% slow on leg shots is amenable especially for a Capstone passive), but giving it 30% damage just cause is absurd much like igor said. A 30% Slow is far too much just for plunking an arrow at someone’s legs too (seeing as to how most abilities, particularly single-target, really only dish out about 20% slow), but the 10% slow definitely should be increased a tad bit.

Seeing as to how Debuff heavy the left tree is, increasing the slow would make a lot more sense if you are trying to control the tempo of fights. Slows are actually quite potent since being changed to actually affect dodge distances. Pair a stronger slow with the passive Battle Precision along with the Crippling Ring Perk, and you can help keep the target within your LoS and keep you out of their clutches.

Bandaid fixes like adding damage just cause is not good and should not be applied to all underperforming passives and abilities. The perk is intended to help kite enemies away from you or help peel enemies of your teammates, something it honestly lacks right now but certainly should be amended. Knee Shot simply requires an increase to the slow effectiveness (15%-20 is something you will feel) while retaining the slow duration. The Skirmisher Tree has the scrappy, pesky identity, while as the Hunter Tree has the damage and the “WOW” factor, I do not think the two need to be mixed up.

I think increasing the slow and the duration of it would be enought since you would actually get 10% extra damage since this bonus exist:


Fair more balanced than 30%. You would trade 20% headshot damage for 10% damage and a slow, seems pretty fair to me.

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Exactly. It is presently an underperforming utility passive, we do not need to make it a substantive utility passive with damage tacked on as well. Bloating things out of proportion is not the way to go.

if u boost firestaffs ultimate perks aswell, ye.

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Reheat has needed a rework since Launch, definitely needs something now that you regenerate mana at all times.

Per Rune of Helios, ~25% of the time you will be able to hit your damage spike, needs to be touched up here by placing that power somewhere else by making it more accessible.

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