Bow need Some love

Dear Devs,

it’s been four months of up and down for bow user, mostly down since bow has been nerfed 4 times.

now it’s time to show some love for this weapon devs, dont mind if nerf the damage just give more a faster arrow more fluid animation, light and heavy attack animation is just too long.

and last but not least, most of the weapon has some good perks to combine but bow got nothing, enfeelbling poison is only 4 second and must direct hit.
also this one really need a rework…refreshing penetrating shot is useless ability in PVP and PVE , why we must kill first in order to get shorter cooldown ?!?

sincerely bow users since the start

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I don’t know. I was watching a mage streamer yesterday who has 13k health get totally outplayed by a bow user. He barely was able to hit the bow user before dying. Maybe it was a skill gap, but it made it look like the bow is in a good spot.

Devs are you there ? Show us some love come on

Just take at look at OPR and War how many people are still using bow ? only about 2-3 guy max

i dont think that has anything to do with what was being asked.

its been acknowledged that the damage is fine or a little strong.

its more along the lines that bow is very clunky when it comes to abilities, ADS and hipfiring. along with perks being a bit wonky compared to others. (though i disagree a LOT of perks are just bad. mostly the on kill ones tend to be the most worthless)

id honestly be happy with buttery smooth game play with perks getting fixed for all weapons but bow is def one of the egregious one.

get rid of refreshing anything its all worthless.
imho it should be sundering penetrating shot (its literally penetrating)
energizing evade makes sense
enfeebling poison yeah it kinda sucks its only on direct hit but whatever.
the others i dont have much practice with but splinter is pretty bad.

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