Bow needs more work

Evade Shot doesn’t evade Charge, Gravity Well or Reap on GA. It doesn’t evade anything a Hatchet does. It doesn’t evade War Hammer’s Shockwave even though you’re clearly in the air. It doesn’t evade stuns or Leaping Strike on Sword and Shield. Why is it called “Evade” Shot? It’s not like it iframes. You’re rooted in Rapid Fire while GA gets to move around using Whirlwind. Why can’t you at least walk? None of Bow’s abilities iframe. Chose Dex for quickness and grace? Sorry but that’s reserved for Str classes in New World… Why aren’t lunges and evasive maneuvers set to similar distances? In my opinion, it seems like that would make evasion and lunging about who has the best timing instead of feeling punished for what weapon you prefer.


Part of that is because grit is OP. If it wasnt for grit and you timed evade shot right then you would stagger them and cancel their ability.

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The issue isn’t timing the ability. I’ve staggered plenty of people using it. It’s having to be 10 feet from your opponent for it to be viable because of how slow and short ranged the animation is and the fact it doesn’t iframe.

Yeah, Evade shot is ridiculous. I hate being in the air and still be stunned by Shockwave.


The hitbox is a sphere, idk why.

Still noticing problems with bow…

Skill shots firing on hotkey press instead of on mouse press if ads already. Don’t know if that’s a bug or a change but I hate it.

Still have arrows going towards the sky in funky directions instead of what I am aiming at. This is more rare than before but still happens. I noticed this happened on a ice gauntlet auto as well while leveling it during the double xp. Maybe this happens to all projectiles?

I also still have shots dead on chest that just disappear and do no damage. I thought originally I was just missing but I’ve started fighting closer up to check this. It still frequently happens. Especially on abilities like when a hammer is doing a shockwave on someone. I know I would have hit him in the chest but it just disappeared.

No dodge and slow movement if I drop ADS instead of roll while ADS. This needs to go. It feels terrible. When Im fighting quickly then I sometimes drop ADS before the dodge roll happens then I’m screwed because I cant dodge or move really.


Yeah getting rooted after shots was supposed to be fixed but instead they force you to roll to avoid it even after nerfing stamina. The reason you’re probably missing shots on hammer users is because they’re iframing every half a second. Their cool downs iframe and heavy armor gives them more dodges than light users. Designers got sad their slow boi GA/WH builds could get hurt. They decided to punish the classes that they’re too slow to catch. Also explains why bows can’t even get a slot in war since it’s designed where only the fattest and slowest classes have to sit in a circle out in the open. It’s a bruiser make-out pit with their towel boy healers and IG/VG to oil them down.


I agree with all that but there are times where they are using skills so can’t be iframing such as during a hammer skill. Also happens in dungeons sometimes. I’m firing into a clump of mobs and nothing. It just vanished.

Not sure about NPCs unless you’re talking about the bug I’ve seen where pen shot doesn’t fire but still burns the cool down. With hammers, you have to hit them right as the CD starts or else you’ll have to wait out the whole animation. If you’re doing that and still not hitting, you might be bugged. Try to get a clip or 2 and send it in to support. Not sure why Amazon bought Cryengine. Literally the worst engine to work with.

Why do I have to wait for the animation to stop? Do they have iframe during their abilities. I did t think they did.


grit almost all the time and iframes during abilities geeze.

How are you complaining about whirlwind? GA only has two “movement” abilities, you can barely classify whirlwind as a movement ability. The bow already has a bunch of movement. You really want every ability it has to also have movement? Why? So you can move while you rain arrows down from a mountain?

This kind of gameplay is too hard for Average Andy Joes, i love that expression ahaha :slight_smile:

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Because is a Dex class. If I wanted to be slow and spam click I’d play a bruiser. I mentioned walking while using Rapid Fire. Not Rain of Arrows. For obvious reasons too. If a Str class can move around using a similar ability in comparison to their class, Dex should get to move around as well. Instead of arguing against things that haven’t even been said, maybe take a reading comprehension coarse.

Sorry, I need to clarify. I wasn’t talking about the actual ability “Rain of Arrows”. I was saying that bow already has a high amount of movement combined with the ability to literally be raining down arrows from on top a mountain. Obviously there should be some abilities that are used at ranged and don’t need to also have high mobility. Basically it’s a trade off. Either move or deal dps. Unless you want to completely change how the class works so that it’s capable of constantly kiting and dealing large amounts of damage.

Dex and strength are not the only two classes. There are a large amount of builds. Thank god you’re not in charge of balancing weapons, we don’t need more of this type of thinking.

Read the rest of the conversation before you fail again at using another insult.

I didn’t say anything about my thoughts on other classes. We were discussing Whirlwind vs Rapid Shot. Reading comprehension…

Look in the mirror bud. I’m saying you should be looking at the larger picture not just why does whirlwind get to move while rapid shot doesn’t. What you’re saying not only doesn’t make sense but fails to account for how these abilities work fit into PvP as a whole. Rapid shots fires 3 arrows, the first two dealing 110% weapon damage while the last does 125% and causes a stagger. Meanwhile whirlwind is a melee ability with a very short range dealing a base of 50% weapon damage. Of course you’d actually have to do a bit more math to get the actual expected damage with each of the abilities but either way rapid shot does more. GA does have an ability that is similar to whirlwind called Maelstrom. It does at most two spins dealing 110% weapon damage but you’re not able to move.

Basically, WTF are you on?

You’re joking. Evade Shot can knock people out of Reap and Grav Well if you time it right.

You can hold the W key and evade everything Hatchet has. The weapon’s hitbox is so awful that it pretty much only works if you are perfectly still. Which is why everyone is running it with SNS to get combos off.

IMO Bow needs a damage buff and a hit box reduction. Right now, it’s shooting bowling balls. Comically easy to headshot with now compared to before.