Bow needs to be either reworked or adjusted

I guess my complaint is that for the skill ceiling of the weapon there seems to be very little reward. Compare this to magic weapons, life staff or hatchet/GA and the current state of the bow does not seem compelling to master.

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I just tried and… (you have FOV at 40?) … i can have similar effects aiming at a wall 50m far away.
At 10m distance the arrow shot is straight as a laser beam. (use the middle button click to see the distance).
I think having falling arrows is good, even musket should have some fall in my opinion…

So far I like how bows are right now. I hope effort is put where is needed most before touching bows… and hoping they wouldn’t make them worse…

The reason I use a bow over a musket is to avoid the reload animation. There is a passive for an instant reload animation with a dodge but once it’s used up your dodges cancel your reload.

Imo the bow active abilities aren’t very good. Again scattershot? It arcs into the ground or you have to be perfectly positioned at 12m? Why can’t it split 2m in front of a target at any range like in PoE? It only does any real damage if there is something behind the main target anyways.

The rapid shot animation locks and you have to land all three shots to trigger any passives. This is only useful with a stun/knockdown which the bow is lacking? Or a snare. I suppose if for some crazy reason you use musket/bow you can drop a trap then rapid shot the target. The trap will still be on 20 second cooldown though. Maybe grenade for round 2?

Why can’t a penetrating shot use a broadhead arrow i.e. increase the width of its path instead of threading a needle through a moving target?

The bow doesn’t have any passives that reduce cooldowns so the AoE skills are stuck on very long cooldowns. Rain of arrows does have some damage to it: maybe equal to about two light cleaves of a great axe? It can be stacked at range(to do this with a great axe the melee users would have to stack up and in turn be susceptible to AoE) but imo it would be better if it was a persistent area denial type of skill. Instead, it is 235% damage on a 25 second cooldown. And poison arrow has a very long cooldown for 240% aoe damage? A direct hit makes it 720% damage on the target hit? But that shot doesn’t get the heavy draw passive benefit so a lot can depend on hitting with that one shot.

One can simply say “get good” to pretty much anything in any video game. This doesn’t mean the game should be less fun when it could be more fun.


just give me dynamite arrows and i’m good.
jk bow does need some adjusting but over all it’s pretty good.

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Did you not see the videos i posted? I tested this.

Just here to pay respects to the old scattershot. Basically made the bow a shotgun. A bit OP but man it was great for people who ran up on you once every 7-8 seconds.

Yea the current one is terrible.

Someone has probably mentioned this already but I’ve also noticed that penetrating shot will bug like 50% of the time if you try to “fast cast” it. It makes the sound that it fired but doesn’t actually fire and you have to line up your shot again

I have done class balance on wow for many years, and played many bow-type classes in mmos. The best iv seen this done with the archer/poison builds from guild was 2, and its ironically in line largely with what this game has.

that type of game play was both enjoyable and good because you’d dot and kite and repeat.

I havent thought about it or done large amounts of investment into the classes and what needs to be fixed (yet) but i have done alittle and this is my conclusion

Ranged weapons in general are underpowered and mechanically clunky

For this reason i think bow should have the following changes

  • Bow damage should be increased by 26-28% (estimated), Gun damage should be increased by 34-36%
  • Base critical strike should be around 10-12% maybe 15% if metric data still shows it under-performing.
  • Bows should shoot without aiming, while guns should require aim.
  • Bow heavy attack needs (guessing) 45% more loading speed.
  • Poison shot should deal 28% weapon damage to the target and should have an 8 second cool down.
  • Rapid fire should have a 4 second cooldown.
    I think that having spliter and rain of arrows is a bit much, and would advocate for spliter to be removed and a rain of arrows moved to spliter and a new ability that causes the bow user to shoot an ice arrow that slows targets by 30% or stuns them for 3 seconds.

I will say i utter hate the way that you cant just shoot with out aiming on bow, and would advocate for the removal of Aim on bow. I also dislike the concept of headshots and find them to be abusive to range abilities by mandating them and resulting in a nerf to body shots.

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If they can fix arrows disappearing and all arrows really hit the target instead of passing through their chests, is already a great improvement for me.

yep it will just go through

Thats part of the slow speed, there is desync that makes them not register.

I love the bow. I could agree with slightly faster arrows though. Evade shot should have grit as an option in it’s perk tree. Perks to reduce cooldowns as well. Oh the only perk I have issues with is scatter shot. I don’t know how scatter shot should be fixed but it needs to be. Maybe slight homing on the split arrows.

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Nah lets keep it tame lol no homing, They can rework it and maybe do 5 meters instead of 10.

Or replace it since no one is using it.

ALL I care about is slightly faster arrows, you can see from the video tests that it is too slow. with and without the perks

Yeah I’m not big on the idea of homing either just not sure how else you can make it viable.

Thanks for listening and commenting! Balance will only make the game better and players will be able to enjoy the game more!

To everyone that commented and gave ideas, a big THANK YOU , this thread got a lot of traction and the devs/CMs noticed.

I hope we get some changes soon :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:

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Agreed. If anything is to come out of this, I would hope “Scatter Shot” is reworked. I know the original iteration could be a bit bearing especially in PvP, but the current one there is no way to use the skill effectively and if the initial arrow hits without splitting, it only does 80% ish weapon damage? No one touches the skill.

Very true… I hope this info actually gets to the devs, would be nice to see something next week :slight_smile:

My only wish is that a heavy attack is when the arrow starts glowing and that’s it. Anything more would be a charged heavy attack. Right now I have to keep my eyes on my stamina bar after a dodge to gauge if my draw was held long enough to be considered a heavy attack.

Well there is an audible cue that signifies when the arrow is fully charged.

The problem with heavy attacks for the bow is that they arent even worth it sometimes. by the time you charge one up you can shoot up to 2 times which can about about the same damage or even more if they crit or not