Bow needs to be either reworked or adjusted

What audible cue is there? Been using the bow since day 1 and haven’t heard a cue when the bow is fully drawn.

I agree.

Please pass my feedback along, too. I’ve put a lot of time into the bow and would really like to see it be a polished and fun weapon for everyone.

You can hear the string being pulled tight. once the attack is fully charged the sound stops.

It is a tiny creak noise that is often drowned out by combat. The bow sounds like it makes 3 noises when you draw, and the litttttttle creak at the end signifies a heavy attack is ready.

The arrow should not start glowing until the heavy attack is ready so there is a visual cue. The heavy attack ready noise should probably be a click or something more obvious.

:man_shrugging: Not sure what to tell you, it could be louder or light up only when its fully charged, but its been pretty clear since I started playing literally the minute the servers went live.

I play with music on or YT and never have a problem hearing it.

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The noise stopping while pulling the string isn’t really much of a cue. Also, while in a war with 99 other people, can’t reliably hear it with all the other noise going on.

100% agree. Others and I made post about this in the beta, but devs never acknowledged it and still haven’t that I’m aware of.

People hear differently.

EDITED Nvm misunderstood your post.

I’d be happy if they just fixed the glow as that usually means something special in other games, so I feel the intention was that the glow is for heavy attack… therefore this must be a bug that hopefully will be fixed soon.

Thanks for the creak noise tip, I’ll look out for that one.

Definitely, Does not mean it is not there and it is very audible.

Remember, nothing is the same for everyone, down to what they see also.

I guess having the arrow flash when its fully charged would help with those that cant hear the string.

If by hamstring skill you mean a slow, the bow already has a passive that does this any time you get a leg shot. Either way, the bow in NW really only need some skill reworks like evade should have iframes, and split arrow should be changed a bit as well imo maybe a 5m split would work better I’m not sure, but it’s hard to get max damage with split arrow. Most of the other skills work fine, and with a little adjusting to it this bow feels like most other shooters that have bows. Apex (slightly more accurate at long distances), Overwatch (pretty damn close), and warframe are extremely similar feeling. The main issue right now like some others have said is hitreg, which needs to be worked on anyway, because it’s broken on many thing not just the bow. But there are bow builds that can achieve 8-9k damage on crit which you can find on youtube, so it’s definitely not underpowered especially when headshot=crit, and the bow passives increase damage for first shot, past 10m, and haven’t done damage in 10s. Also the final ability on hunter tree is another 20% damage boost to headshots, meaning with the right build/gear and a little practice you could be 1 shotting their backline. I see a lot of people complaining about arrows going through people, and while it’s true this happens because of hitreg sometimes, a lot of the time in wars and OPR it’s because the people you’re shooting at are spamming shift or blocking whenever they can to reduce their incoming damage and you’re not seeing that from your range. When I 1v1 it’s plain to see, when they don’t dodge/block my arrow hits when they do my arrow misses.


Guess they took nothing from these ideas and instead took away from the bow.


It feels stronger now to me at least. My autos are hitting for minimum 3k now before they were 2k. But other than damage buff, nothing else seems different no. Hopefully they make some changes eventually.

Hey guys,
is the perk “Arrow Range” buggy?

I have tested it and i saw no difference.

This is false. I’ve used a Bow in every game that has a Bow that I’ve ever played (which is a lot of games over the decades). This is the worst feeling bow in any game I’ve played with a bow.

They are, which is why i suggested 40% faster base speed. (i also think bullets should be projectile/collider based).

I think this has something to do with the raycast on the weapon. at times if seen wonky performance and bugs from it (like arrows spinning and flying to the top right of the screen).

More speed will require less leading.

I honestly think we should see more poison damage out of all the bows abilities, and i would advocate for bow to gain an intellect secondary, since poison is nature damage and is not factored against physical resist.

This would enable players to build int based builds with bow, and pair more with other weapons just like musket.

The real problems of Bow

The real problems of power are much easier to address

First, there are a great many +20% damage talents,which should be yeeted. Why? because bow is the most unstable weapon in the game; Meaning at the lower levels it does very little damage, and at higher levels it breaks the game with 11-13k headshot averages and up to 18k headshots.

Second, Many of the problems for bow can be fixed by simply replacing these talents with “30% faster travel speed” or “heavy attacks charge 40% faster” in conjunction with a base damage buff (probably an increase on the modifier of arrows would be the easiest change).

Skirmish tree has a lot of repetitive, useless talents. Things that all ultimately snare, which just over lap and do not help the player engage in things from skirmish tree.

Removing Scatter shot and replacing it with rain of arrows and changing it to deal poison damage would be a very big move for bow, and helping encourage those nature-ish builds.

In addition to that we will need to add a new ability, which i think should be some sort of purge type skill. Something like Pen shot but removing buffs from the target and dealing damage on a relatively short (12-14 second) cooldown.

I could also opt for some sort of “sneak” ability where the player losers their health bar from enemies view (like when you lay down) while moving upright.

In my mind i see lots of heavy short charge type mechanics to the spec so i’d like to see that expanded upon and it would make bow very heavy attack driven and unique.

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Opening strike and finishing shot seem to be good talents, i’d keep them in the tree.

  • The base arrow speed should be increased by 30-40%.
  • Bow now has a secondary attribute, intellect


  • Aim true should provide 40% faster charge on heavy attacks.
  • Long range should be replaced with simply a +10 m range this should increase from 40m to 50m which is where muskets should be hard-capped.
  • Surpise attack should be replaced with a new talent that ignores 15% of absorption on enemy
  • Scatter shot should be removed and replaced with rain of arrows (the reason for the transfer from tree’s is because its more of an aoe and not really “skirmish” like.
  • Rapid arrows should swap places with poison shot.
    • Rapid shot should also deal all of its attack with no pause between each other and should do so much faster (flurry speed) and should be usable while moving, but it should have a limited (<30m) range build for just out side of melee range type fighting.
  • Rain of arrows should deal poison damage instead of bleed
  • concussion should cause heavy attacks to critical strike anywhere on the body


  • Lastly, a new ability should be added to skirmisher to fill the void of where rain of arrows was. A purge arrow or some utility based arrow would work
  • Catch me if you can should provide a 10% haste speed at all times
  • Impale should provide a damage over time effect to light attacks that stack
  • Dodge and weave should reduce the cost of dodge/roll/duck
  • Hunters insight should be increased to 10 stamina
  • Archers speed should cause you to light attack 30% faster
  • Mark should be swapped with hawk-eye
  • Bullseye should be swapped with battle percision
  • knee shout Should cause light attacks to slow the target by 10% for 4 seconds regardless of where it hits

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