Bow Nees A Buff

Whatever anyone says here , bow needs a buff, it sucks at PvE it sucks at PvP its generally the wrost weapon in the game right now, and u have a fantasy game with swords axes and staffs, why have a GUN and ok have it, why force me to play it ? its either go Musket and be efficient or be Bow and be a freaking clown, all your shots missing while Musket hitscans and guess what ? in top of that Musket inflicts double the damage and has way better Perks-Abilities, ok the bow has faster rate of fire, but in this game every bow shot is missing while musket hitscans, do something about it or remove this weapon from the game idk. THIS VIDEO HERE SUMMARISES THE WHOLE BOW THING : Welcome to Bow Meta - YouTube

Tell my why not trhow away the Bow and not grab a musket ? there is not a single reason except liking the look and feel of the bow, but not having an actual impact on the gameplay like musket, tell me where bow fits in this game

Just watch this and u understand Welcome to Bow Meta - YouTube

so what that video was supposed to show? the only thing i saw was a bow stat padding for 3k points - nothing unusual
bow at it’s current state is fine

bow is better in mid-range than musket due to higher mobility, higher rate of fire and shorter recovery after each shot

“Bow nees(sic) a buff”

Also you


Nerf k ty (currently running bow so I can inflate the stats and get it nerfed)

That’s a great video!

Bow is super op from far to close range, even in hands of below average player. Bow needs to be nerfed to the ground, at same time with musket.

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Bow is the best weapon in the game

Bow is the most fun weapon in pvp… :slight_smile:

But yeah, it needs some love for pve… But musket is even worse in pve, so…

ye absolutely not GS,musket,bow,hatchet(devy death) and arguebly BB burst needs a nerf. asking for a buff for Bow :joy:

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Bow is really good in PvE as well and it’s quite fun to play. I don’t care for PvP but for PvE it seems to be in a good spot.

Mustet with 570 gs has 1500 damage no matter what while bow 1,200 while musket has a hitscan and no mater the range no projectile drop, there is no reason take Bow over Musket expcept your own fantasy in your mind

Bow and Musket builds require the exact perks, stats, and skill points to be effective. If you do anything else, you will be basically non existent. I would reach out to other solid bow players on your server for some advice. After the correct gear and skill points, just be ready to get farmed till you practice it enough.

This is why for the first month or two of the game it seemed terrible. Until people got the gear and understood how to spec it.

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It sucks so much, that it, and greatsword, are the 2 most used weapons in the game.

If anything, bow damage needs a nerf.

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Use musket then.

I’m sure you’re gonna be one of the bad muskets sitting on a rock, and ending an OPR with 3 or 4 kills and 8 or 9 deaths, due to you being a free empowerment stack for other muskets.

Bow and musket need to be reworked. 90% of people that play bow are bad players that like to shoot fish in a barrel and cry when they die, or pair it with hatchet and run like a headless chicken as soon as you are less than 10m away from them.

They need to make them harder to play and more rewarding when played right

For musket give it fall damage over 60m and after 2 successful headshots you bypass the next reload.

For bow make it use stamina for heavy attacks and headshots stagger, remove the 20% damage from it

While that would be an interesting and rewarding perk. If bow was to gets a theoretical “on demand” stagger, the forums would be hit by a literal tsunami of tears and made up olympic level horror stories.

Give it a 2-3 sec internal cooldown and it won’t be that bad

Remember, Pen shot used to stagger and that was considered too much even with its CD.