Bow nerfed again? WHY?

  • Fixed an issue with bow hipfiring that made the canceling windows different than when firing down sights. This fix normalizes the firing rate between hipfiring and firing down sights.

This little trick was used to bait one of the 4 dodges that medium armor players have so you can land a bow ability right after. Its almost impossible to use consistently and unless you give up a damage perk on the bow for “Accuracy” it wont even land on the target half the time.

Im a 625 bow main, played since launch, and I’m sad that bow has fallen to such a state. Every other weapon can do light/heavy into ability with 0 delay making both hit at the same time. But Bow cant do a single thing like that. I think Bow is being treated unfairly. With how strong magic weapons are in this game, bow is very underwhelming against any skilled players.


lol im the last bow player on the game that cares zzzzzz

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Some still playing a bow? I am hoping the next weapon is a sling shot, has to be better than bow. Stones are free and everywhere… would be great to have a range option than was good.


I am still a bow main…but you have to go full glass cannon now to even do decent damage, just don’t get hit


thats not a real build to roll with though. I use 50 con and 460 dex for OPR and I get kills but cant even final hit them. If I get hit by anything its GG.

When the only viable option is “run glass cannon” something is wrong.


The sad part is that a lot of the bow nerfs get carried to PVE. I have also played bow since launch and is not as fun as it used to be.

Also now that I switched to Camelot a more competitive server I’ve noticed my dmg is just pure dog shit as a lot of ppl seem to use physical Aversion and are well geared. Also I can’t seem to fast react after using a skill and trying to switch a weapon to either run for my life or CC.

It would also be nice if they changed the Orichalcum Arrow’s recipe so it was not 2-3g per arrow.


Yep they literally made the bow USELESS. but GG on Ice/fire & void.

I think they nerfed Ice Spike enough where its still good, but not one shot type good. But yes I feel like Bow needs some attention in regards to how underwhelming it performs in 1v1s and how only a few builds or weapon perks are even useful.

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Yep. Pretty much every weapon perk for the bow you can place on armor SUCKS & 1 v 1 its underperforms and in OPR/WARS you can barely get any kills by how slow the damn thing shoots.

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Can we talk about splinter shot, an AOE ability being used to burst people in a stun? If abilities aren’t even used as intended it looks like Bow just slipped under the radar for adjustments

you either cant be killed with good bow build but you cant kill either or you get one shot with glass cannon build and still you cant get a kill.
options are quite bad for bow player.
and going to get even worse which may be a good thing.

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bow is glass cannon only and with the rapier nerf coming, its looking really bad for glass cannon builds haha. I think I’ll swap to spear rapier bruiser in the meantime so I can have some fun getting VG rooted over and over

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with 340 dex hit 1.4k crits on light armour builds.
hard to imagine viable numbers.


All valid points, Bow needs some love;
Unpopular opinion to a lot of people on these forums, but 6 nerfs in a row and counting because people don’t know how to build their armor is…well… stupid.


I feel like Bow might be a newbie crusher type weapon, but against skilled players and 1v1s its so mechanically easy to deal with

I’ve seen several good bowmen recently. They do well while being fairy tanky. Bow is not a range weapon though, mostly close range kite weapon. That’s what they were trying to do, I think. You never know with AGS though.

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everyone should start posting their builds, im kinda keen to know who does well and bad and if stats could matter actually or gear even.

M armor players are too dodgy to get consistent hits even if your aim is on point, and Heavy is such a pain to shoot at. My pen shot does 1100 to a 14k HP player, my lights do 700-900

I cant burst them down fast enough before heals or they run for cover half the time.

on the other hand lights feel ok, good matchups vs light armor players since the armor value is so low

Iframes is not the problem of the bow, but the whole game. I’ve spent 100 hours in Lost Ark arena and I can tell already that 1 iframe on a several second cooldown feels so much better and balanced.
If you put infinite control vs infinite iframes where arrows go though someone’s head without damage while the target is sidestepping, this is what you get, New World gameplay. It’s the same for the musket buckshot, you reload for 3 seconds, your aim is on point but they were sidestepping, get f***d.

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They also nerfed rapier and greaaxe. So sad, lost park is better!