Bow passive nerf on PTR


As requested, im making this post giving feedback on the recent bow nerf added to the PTR

I think the 2 nerfs to the core skills, poison and pen shot, were already harsh enough.

Now adding a flat 10% total dmg nerf to the bow seems extremely excessive.

Please pass this feedback to the team so they can reconsider before launching to live.

Last note: Bow is supposed to do more dmg than other weapons, since the build requires you to be squishy, therefore its a risk vs reward scenario.

If you keep adding nerfs to the bow, what is the point of playing it?

If someone can oneshot me at 150 con full resil with a wrecking ball combo from the war hammer, while having much better defense stats, what is the point of playing bow?


Where can I find this 10% damage on the notes? Haven’t seen it yet

Thanks for tagging me @ZeroTTK! I will get your feedback passed along to the Development team. :grinning:

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I dont have any more likes. This game revolves around CC and AoE damage. Bow doesnt really have that. Gotta keep that melee meta rolling because after 8 months bow got some love and some people tried it out. This game is always going to be about CC/AOE damage and high mitigation bruisers that pump out aoe damage. Nothing else is allowed. If anything bow will get more nerfs. Bows and Muskets have no place in this game because they offer nothing to large scale combat and never will.


150 con, not exactly squishy. Viable in both light and medium.

With it’s attack speed, nerfs are necessary.

There is a reason as to why like 80% of the player base switched to bow. It’s damage output is insane…

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80%? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: hardly anyone switched to bow


Lol, do you even play the game still?

There is a reason as to why OPR is known as bowpr.

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well first off 80% of the playerbase didnt switch. Let me know when bow is more useful to actual serious content and not just a points padder. Let me know when wars aren’t 99% healer, ga, wh, ig, vg, fs. Let me know when those aren’t also optimal for OPR and not just points padding. Let me know when dungeons aren’t better off with GA/WH in almost all cases.

At most there might be 4 bow/musket players per side in most of my OPRs. There is a reason for that… its not as OP as people like you want to portray. Its a points padder and a solo against light armor non healer machine and nothing more. Sure a couple cracked bow players might be able to 1vX some people but not many.


That stopped being the case over a week ago.

Max of 4 bows/muskets per side?

Jesus, sounds like heaven. Majority of the OPRs on my server has like 3 or 4 melee, a few healers, a few fire/ice, and like 10ish bows per side.

Sometimes 1 or 2 melee…and it ends in a steam roll or bows just shooting into sun, because no one has the ability to go in a take a little damage.

Bows have also been more frequently used in wars (not a lot more, but more than what it used to be).

Sorry…bows are over tuned atm. It’s nice to see it more viable than what it used to be…but it’s beyond where it needs to be.

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Dont worry. Bows will be dead even on your server soon. Just where you want them. Non existent again.

Oh, no…I don’t want them dead. It’ll just be nice to see more variety again.

It’s just too much right now. I get it…sucks seeing your build go from nerf to nerf to nerf to buggy to nerf. Just to have them buff it…make it feel great…then hit it with nerfs in 2 different ptr patch notes.

It’s just…wow atm.

I get that having bow wars sucks in OPR. As a bow player even I didnt like it. However it was already going back to normal before announced nerfs. Most people just cant effectively use the weapon regardless of how “easy” it is. Just changing the points system would accomplish your problem.

It shouldnt be all about damage which is all bow is. Just damage. It matters not for clumps on points. We can fire on those all day and maybe get a kill or two but for the most part that damage is just healed easily. Not too mention that damage is also pretty bad anyways because of mitigation and fortify.

By the way the game is designed and the way bow is designed, bow is irrelevant to the content. It has no CC, and piss poor AoE compared to mages. The only thing it has is single target damage. Even paired weapons are either get away or more single target damage with some cc that isnt really effective against bruisers because of grit. There is zero reason to bring a bow player over a mage because a mage is just superior in its utility and still very good in its damage.


Thanks a lot :smiley:

Bows can play builds with up to 200 con. They are not squishy.
A glass cannon 300 dex 200 int Musket is squishy

Exactly this, Bow is irrelevant on real content, Tryhard companies only allow 4 bow players on their roster (being generous, its usually 2) and theres a reason for it, GA, WH, ICE, FIRE, VOID and HEAL are just better.


Still, other options in the game can CC kill me to death, i cannot oneshot someone with a bow unless that person is running 0 constitution on light armor with no resilience.

Bow is so OP that the team with the most bows will lose 99% of the time…


That’s because they’re too dumb to stand on circles and just want to pad damage with their broken weapon in no man’s land instead. Dunno how ‘not standing on a circle’ equates to ‘balanced weapon’ for you. Ignoring objectives is what causes losses. Not using a bow.