BOW PROBLEM arrow need more speed

archer get counter by every mage and even muskets player . the attack speed of the arrow its too low . put more speed on the arrow people dodge it easy from mid and long distance

Are you crazy or what? hahahaha man, bow its so OP

its easy to play against the bow is not op. the rapier is the broken one . you can dodge easy the arrows . this is why eveyone is mukstet player

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easy to kill bow players

Mosquet its OP now, but the bow is fine, i love bow, but i dont know how to play, people who know how, destroy with it, not saying you dont know, but my friend guild its the 1st place everytime in outpost.

Well, bow is usally fine. But in wars, its crazy… Because of the lags its very hard to hit ANYTHING…^^ Invasions and OPR Iam one of the best damage dealers and it feels balanced. If you learn how to aim, you even headshot musket players from a very far distance ^^

But in the war, often players are not where they are displayed… Its stupid… Lag is a huge problem for bow players. Not sure, if more speed would fix that.

100% no xD… We have more range, we have better mobility, we have better burst…

they need to low the damage of the bow and to put more speed on arrows and in long distance to add more damage becaause every mage and musket player have 80% probavilitt to win the 1 v1 is to dodge the arrows - specialy when every one use heavy armor

because the range the arrow is more easy to dodge so this range is useless in some case

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