Bow - projectile speed/size & Heavy Attack reworking

Currently, the Bow is a weapon that thrives at short/medium range combat.
Long distance shots are almost impossible to land, and this should not be the case with a long range weapon.

I play both INT & DEX builds, and I can say that it is much easier to land Fire Staff medium & long-distance shots, compared to the Bow, due to the size of the projectile.
Logically, this shouldn’t be the case. The Bow should be better than the Fire Staff at long range & about the same at medium range.
Also, the speed of the projectile needs an increase on the Bow.

When it comes to long-range fights, the Musket should be the best, ofc, followed by Bow > Fire Staff > VG/IG/LS

Also, the Heavy Attack on the Bow needs some rework.
A good idea would be to increase the damage, based on how long you “charge” it, up to a maximum level. (100% to 170%, with increments every 0.25s or something like that)

I think that slightly nerfing the close-quarters capabilities of the Bow would make sense, in a world where the Bow would shine medium/long range.


Bump, bump, bump.

Nobody else thinks we need to be able to hit Bow shots more consistently?

Yeah I’ve had experience as a melee and currently play spear/bow. I’ve noticed it’s incredibly easy to dodge arrows (even when I was a melee in medium). It’s far too easy. It should be more like the musket as far as dodging is concerned. People shouldn’t really be able to dodge them much. I agree about the fire staff. Never used it myself but people hit me very easily with long range fire attacks vs when I’m going against someone else with a bow.

I think the bow really needs to be reworked in general. It’s a great weapon and can do a lot of dmg. But in pvp, it’s just way too easily to dodge and it’s been very clunky lately with abilities not working, having to press them 5+ times just to get the ability to work.

I fully believe it is not the size of the projectiles. It is instead the fact that I can literally just tap shift and let the arrow go right through me…

That’s due to the lack of velocity/able to see the arrows coming too easily. It’s just a bit too slow IMO.

Or the nearly 100% invuln iframing up time haha, i can see it both ways tho

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You also are never getting a 6k crit with a FS heavy.

It makes sense that it’s hard to hit moving targets from long range with a bow. Imo the issue isn’t the projectile speed or size, it’s the constant Iframes.

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Not really. It’s WAY too easy to dodge arrows in this game. Again, I’m speaking from not only a bow user, but also as a melee user who dodged arrows with ease in medium. It really is way too easy.

Don’t have to hit 6k crits, and 6k crits don’t matter when you can hit your opp and they can’t even hit you.

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We’re saying the same thing in regards to the ease of dodging arrows. I’m just talking about dodging INTO them, which negates the dmg.

I still feel that a bigger & faster projectile would make a HUGE difference.
Right now, I feel I need to be very close to the target in order for the Bow to feel strong. And that’s counter-intuitive…


I agree completely., This is accurate.

I have the opposite experience. I’m light Spear/SnS. I find doging FS is way easier, as their wind up is so long, and very rythmically. Where as archers can change the rythm of their shots, which can bait dodges. I do agree that the projectile speed of the bow could be abit faster though. And I think FS should be more ability focused and less light/heavy attack focused.

You’re also not ranged though. pickd up a bow and fight a FS lol good luck

Well, I’m currently experimenting with FS. So not great at it yet. But Archers eat me for breakfast if I try to fight htem on mid/long range. My build is quirky though and centered on close combat more than range (using the pyro tree). But I still can’t hit the bastards with my light/heavy attacks. but they hit me all the time while im slowly winding my attacks up. I’m sure there’s practice involved ofc :slight_smile:

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with a fs, bows are easy the farther they are. closer they are they eat FS for breakfast.

reason = they have way more stam, rolls, w/e. and they’re hitting more shots with bow closer they are = you will get trucked and rolled. first thing i do fighting a bow player as fs is try to get range

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Yeah, but if they’re running IG as a secondary, they got short range covered quite nicely.

Also I feel that good FS users always use light attacks when they’re far away, they seem easier to hit, less predictable.
And they always try to get really close, hit you with Burnout, Fireball, and then harass with IG or VG to finish you out.

I think the only way to beat a FS/IG player is to run medium armor & have lots of elemental absorption.
And be able to dodge most of their spells.

If they land a heavy IG in an Ice Storm, it’s basically over.

Nah light attacks don’t do enough damage if they’re far anyways to matter so it’s better to go for heavy attack crits to chunk them more. I only light attack at range if they’re in a roll dodge rhythm with my heavies

Yeah definitely heavies whenever possible on the FS.
And lights to break the rhythm if they start dodging every single heavy.

And speaking of heavy attacks, I wish they made the Bow heavy attack a little more reliable & useful.

I think a good option would be to increase the damage progressively, based on how long you hold both mouse buttons.
Another option would be to reduce the activation time all together, while also reducing damage of course.

Right now, I almost never use heavy attacks on the Bow, because it takes so long to fire.
And it’s a pity, because there are cool talents in the tree for the heavy.

You’re completely wrong.

The right way is VG/IG/FS > Musket > Bow

Because magic beats both metal and wood. Prove me wrong. Forum logic only, please.