Bow pvp montage , first time editing and trying my best :(

Hi guys !
I’ve been playing wow for 17years and finally had a break in november.
I really enjoy the game , even if people are kinda salty about new world current state.
I want to share with you guys
I’ve done my first pvp montage , it was hard to find time with my irl job (nurse) and i’m really new to sony vegas i’ve been learning for 1 week now. I’m so bad that i needed like 2hours just for the stupid thumbnail lol
If any of you is good with montage can give me some advice for transitions , sync etc i would be very gratefull
I’m even ready for the negative comments aswell D: !


all the small “edit clips” are here
preRiposte>Root [0:45]
7k 1:40
Riposte double stun [3:24]
8k6 (biggest dmg for me :smiley: ) [4:08]
Baron steal [7:40]

I enjoyed it!

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Thanks <3

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