Bow - Spear 100-0

Almost as bad as the sword/shield. I know there will be a ton of people defending it so I figured I would throw this one up here and grab some popcorn.

The combo is stun, knockdown, stagger (vault kick → Jav throw → bow (looked like pen shot which i thought had stagger removed).

Alright, popcorn time.

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I don’t play bow, but i do use spear. Vault kick is very easy to spot and block, i abuse that fact when i fight bow spear, i know that vault is coming if i get close.

Javelin can be a little tricky, but it’s pretty easy to dodge unless they are right in your face. It’s the sweep that’s hard to spot, and that followup stab that’s annoying.

(Pen shot no longer staggers)

In my opinion the spear itself is very good at what it does, but it falls apart if your opponent knows what it does. My two cents.


I don’t disagree, but the trouble is if you get caught in an animation and they land the vault kick there is a combo that will wreck you. If it doesn’t kill you, again you are near dead and all it takes is 1 shot that actually took some skill. aka 100-0 = assassin. I was actually fine with sword/shield hatched because it was good at keeping bows honest.

Now all the dex players are running around without any natural predator.

Well, i guess that really depends on what armor you are wearing. If you are in light (most are really) and especially with a low health pool this is pretty punishing.

I’m typically in heavy or medium depending on what i’m doing, so this combo is not nearly as punishing to me as it might be to some. But i guess for me the big difference is that Leaping strike has no windup or sound, has a long distance and was instant with no travel time. Compared to vault, which is loud, slow windup and very telegraphed.

I feel like if you don’t block you really did it to yourself.

I don’t like what they did to leaping strike personally either, and would have preferred they make it a little easier to spot like vault kick.

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I’ve been able to do ~50-60% HP with this combo, but I’ve never been able to kill anyone despite having 625 GS & the correct perks. IMO it’s not that out of line with other builds. If caught by a hatchet root, they can easily chunk 50%+ of my hp with raging torrent. Root + blunderbuss, mage freeze + glacier thing etc…

Not to mention, it is very easy to avoid a spear stun.


Dex in general is just very strong. A little too strong imo. If I don’t run full thurst gems. I get popped for 5k plus by bows. I have 35 thrust currently and still get popped for 3-5k. I use 150 con and 4 resilient and 2 shrinking fort perks. More and more bow players are using elemental gems to bypass the thurst gems. I don’t really care what people say but bows ruin the game. The only people who will defend it are bow players. There are literally so many still on each team and they are always so far away pew pewimg which always feels like me( maybe because I run them down and teabgged em after I kill them) but they just run away if you try to get on top of them and go back to the pew pew. Don’t get me wrong I take down loads of bows because They ruin my game so I’m going to go ruin theirs, but that doesn’t mean it’s fair or balanced. People can say what they want but the other night I was at mid at the bottom of one of the stairs fighting someone and I had 5735 health left and then I just poofed away. The damage was over 6k, the shot was invisible, just died with 35 thurst as well. Also most of the time now the projectile is invisible as well when you are in or around the Zerg which is fun. I think bow damage needs to go, the mage weapons all have a telegraphed auto and a slow projectile, and hit like 2-2.5 on a crit. Bows have little to no animation on the auto attacks and they can just hold the bow up and you have 0 clue when they will fire or not. The projectile speed is much faster dodgable but still much faster.It bows ruins the game for me. Spear is also insanely strong the amount of debuff and cdr it has is not to be over looked. Right now I feel forced to use thrust gems and nothing else. I can literally kill any build in the game with only thurst gems in, but soon as I swap all the thurst gems out and fight a bow rapier or spear player I get deleted so fast it’s dumb. One bow auto into pen took me from 11.5k health to 2k when I had 0 thurst gems.

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Correct on all counts. Anyone that can’t counter these and complains about them is just a trash PVPer.


Please, tell me more. I’ve heard about these mythical players that always dodge everything because they are perfect but haven’t seen one yet.

Clearly everyone that misses a dodge should be immediately punished with death! I’m fine with that, but let’s add back the old assassin builds then so that strength users can do it to you in return at least.

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“Unless it comes from behind you”
-every leaping strike complaint


Welcome to New World Forums where you work tirelessly to get your opponents nerfed so you can satisfy your ego of killing people in game.


we can buff them all, i’m fine with that argument i’ve seen around here. Let’s just make it fair shall we?

I keep them honest with thrust gems,. Enfeebling skewer, and infected throw(weaken cap)

Boy do they get confused when they hit my light armor ass for like 500

Honestly after utilizing weaken like this for a few days, I’ve come to realize that one of the biggest balance issues in new world is that there is just way too much empower in the game

Of course all of this may or may not go away when they use a rapier and dodge everything lol


Don’t let this flop! I’m petty and I got my combo taken away(sort of) I want to see where this goes.

They could’ve probably just made that change to empowering leaping strike (applies to sns only) without changing anything else(because they already had nerfed tigers instance and the BB combo) and it would’ve kept the fluidity of sns intact while mostly curbing the one shot combo “problem”

Empowering leaping strike is so dead now. Like cool 30% empower and I don’t even need to backstab to proc it, but it’s only for 3seconds and how do you really even capitalize on a 30% empower(if on-weapon) on a SNS? Whirling blade? You can’t follow up with literally anything else beside maybe a light attack. Unless they’re already exhausted.

Spear has NO AOE ability ( hello cyclone ) and is a TOP single target damage weapon as it should. Working as intended. I can’t even vault kick into HA a rapier player because he can riposte it. SPEAR is a solo / assasin weapon and is working fine , not OP , not underwhelming

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Sweep is AOE and perforate penetrates behind.

Not that I’m complaining about spear. It’s my favorite weapon.

I just bought a skewer spear can’t wait to test it (46% weaken seems nice )

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Do you believe spear is OP atm ? Be real here. Edit : Sweep doesn’t go to grit so it’s useless vs bruisers / melee and it’s so hard to pull a good sweep. It’s doable if you go in back line and sweep bunch of healers it’s kinda the dream combo into perforate but it’s don’t happens often

I mean it can be. Really only in small scale though. It’ll never be seen that way by the community at large because it’s only thing is single target damage and cc, which are not super valuable in wars.

If the 300str milestone ever goes away, I expect there to be dozens of nerf spear posts shortly after lol

Yup sry, didn’t want to attack you about it. Pulling a 100-20 combo with a spear is really hard and need you to hit EVERY skill and LA between so I’m not sure why OP want nerf on spear. I’m also a spear main so I wanted to defend it a bit. Other point , spear has little to no grit ( vault kick and first action of sweep). I think if we could have grit on perforate it would be way more interesting for wars comp