Bow - Spear 100-0

I would love that

Pen shot doesnt have stagger anymore. Maybe it was evade shot, but that looks nothing like pen shot. If it was evade shot they would be jumping up and backwards during the shot. The only thing else with stagger is rapid shot but that is 3 shots long and only the last shot staggers.

Not sure how that combo alone does a one shot on you but the spear does have some nice lockdown yeah. Like hammer though, its pretty obvious.

Idk, my combo was jav-vault kick-jav-shield bash-backstsb skewer. It was pretty easy and you can still do it right now. It’s just the low con/light melee life is pain rn.

No perforate ? I can’t turn away from forti perforate, I ususally never use javelin but I’ve seen some use it and it’s look pretty fun to use

Yeah I mean it’s just preference. I don’t do it anymore because it was iffy to stay alive after before but now it just ridiculous especially without the fortify.

Having fun with this weakening build.

I personally prefer jav. With the perk still has some rend. Perforate almost never lands all 3 and has animation lock. Plus jav is another CC.

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Yea I agree with rend but I’m a madman spearuser and need my forty to fight Thoses bruisers. ( Blackguard spear with twarthing counter buffed and +20% on passive tree vs grit ) always surprise some bruiser. ALSO, there is nothing more satisfying to perfo a big clump stuck into a GW or anything

Yeah I get it. I use blackguards as well. I change my spear build all the time lol

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I probably have 15 spears at 625 Gs I can’t decide either :rofl:


you could say the same with hammer (wrecking ball → shockwave → armorbreaker or heavy).
CC skills should have no big damage output, that’s the real issue.

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Anyone not running a few thrust gems along with resil-perked gear has no business - at all - complaining about bow/spear.

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It does enough stamina damage to break a block unless your using a shield lol

Hammertime! The stamina perk is nice to have on the warhammer :revolving_hearts:

Honestly the thrust gems don’t feel like they do a lot by themselves, it’s the enfeebling that really does it.

This is a problem with the game imo. Light armor players with the right setup can take less dmg than heavy players. Thats mind blowing to me. And sounds like a design flaw.


Figure i’ll just join the bow hunters. What do you think of this one?

alternatively i could just use this?

It seems to be working either way

Coup de Grace …stab that follows sweep hasn’t worked properly since november
Sweep doesn’t work 90 % of time if your target is moving …which in pvp is always
Spear …very good in PvE…rubbish in PvP unless target is rooted or slowed down
Bow is another story

Yeah sweep kinda sucks. Its great when it hits but that’s rare. I also do not use Coup de Grace passive. Feels like wasted stun time to me which also does not always land.

My guy how bad is your gear if you are getting full to zero?

If you run 3 freedom you’ll avoid a lot of CC locking. Even in light armor with a little resil and shirking fort people shouldn’t be able to take you full to zero unless your a glass cannon.

SNS combo isn’t even comparable to this for multiple reasons:

  1. It only does half hp to someone with 200 con full resil. barely 30-40% health to a medium armor.
  2. its 10x harder to pull off than SNS’s 20 meter long magnet attack. sweep is very telegraphed and requires you to actually be in melee range (unlike SNS)
  3. it’s made completely void by stacking freedom. 2 freedom doesn’t allow the person doing the combo to do a dodge before the javelin (so they lose 15% dmg). 4-5 doesnt allow them to do the combo at all. Meanwhile, SNS combo still worked regardless of freedom

if this gets nerfed, you’re gonna go down the rabbit hole of nerfing basically any combo that does decent damage. rip hammer combo. rip bb combo, rip rapier combo, etc

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