Bow - Spear 100-0

This would be true pre patch, buuuuut :moyai::moyai::moyai:

Redaction fail :joy:

Feels like every change they’ve made has been to improve light armor, while doing nothing for / actually nerfing medium and heavy. That’s why every OPR is a roly-poly bow/rapier fest. I think the roll distance on light needs to be cut down 30-50% and the iframes shortened. Medium needs to be able to animation cancel the pause after the dodge skip again. Not really sure how to make heavy a viable choice again. Probably just bump up the resistance numbers, or adjust the spread in damage between heavy/medium/light so that there are actual choices to be made.

Also, as a Bruiser, I feel like Rapier needs to be nerfed a little on the defensive side. Fleche should be adjusted to where it can’t go through enemies, like charge, or it needs to have an interruptible windup like Burnout. Riposte should be a cone that stuns the person who activates it, not a full 360 degree AoE stun, and either the iframes after need to be adjusted, there needs to be a visual indication that it is coming, or stamina should not regenerate while you’re in the pose. Seeing so many people run Rapier offhand now- Life Staff, Fire Staff, Bow, Musket, Ice Gauntlet, Spear, even Hatchet and SnS schitzos are using Rapier now. I know it’s always been popular, but it’s just everywhere now.

I don’t like asking for nerfs, because that’s admitting that your skill can’t overcome another player’s gear advantage. But light armor shouldn’t be able to dive into a pile on point, stun an entire clump, get a few attacks in, and then be able to get away with 4 people chasing them. Light armor on point should be a death sentence if they get stunned, just like medium/heavy is a death sentence against range in the open field. Unless it’s someone who is strategically picking out a single target to backstab and then going for an assassin run.

Combat is just weird in this game, because they are trying to keep the "build diversity’, but there are so many interconnected things that they just don’t address. I get that there will always be a meta, but there are just too many things that are out of balance right now. I blame most of it on light armor being OP- everything else trickles from that. If there was a compelling reason to choose medium or heavy in anything but war, then the other stuff might fall in line. There just isn’t, unless you’re stubborn/stupid like me, and just really enjoy playing medium/heavy bruiser.


It was indeed! Tried so hard to protect the angry guy I missed my own!

Oh now I see. I missed his too. Uggg sorry bro!

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Spot on intelligent post don’t see many of these. I hope someone from the dev team actually reads it.

I don’t want to see anything nerfed either and would prefer they go the route most other mmo’s have to deal with rolling meta’s. Simply add a couple skills to melee tree’s that cannot be dodged that apply a root or slow.

I get why they are doing it- light armor feels the best when you are running from place to place because of the light roll being faster than running, so it’s what everyone wants to play. They also do more damage, which is obviously important for DPS players. If I’m pushing influence, I want to be running Bow/Hatchet in light armor because it makes the missions go by faster, even if I can’t fight worth a damn because I’m too old / reflexes too slow to hit anything moving with an arrow.

But they’ve basically invalidated 1 entire armor class for PvP and taken the other to ALMOST worthless, but not entirely. I saw a Fire Mage in Medium today and I was so confused :). If they really want “build diversity”, they need to make it be an actual choice between light/medium/heavy. Right now the only reason to choose medium or heavy in PvP is if you’re a masochist, a troll, or you just can’t afford to upgrade to new gear.

bow is not the issue with this combo, and pen shot doesnt have stagger anymore. The issue is select weapons offer way too much stun and cc while others are left to rot.

clear example: why remove stagger on a pen shot when its the only form of stun the bow has, then allowing certain weapons to have one shot combos that stun you until you die, or get close to dying (and forget it if youre outnumbered in pvp).

I think all skill trees need to be reworked. but at the very least, stuns need to be toned down. No one has fun when they get stunned to death.



Spear god here. If you play spear for cc or by the book. You playing wrong. To play spear you need to be Ninja. To bait and execute. Stamina management very important. I want to make the enemy suffer and feel the pain. I play full right tree. Cuz left is garbage. The moment the enemy dodge my vault kick. There is another one in 2-3sec and he cant do nothing about it.

I hit a guy running the same as yours for 1k and 2k, and he was running light.

He in turn hit me for 8k in two hits.

Running 360 dex, 625 GS so no idea how someone would you for 5k.

If they are 500 dex and no con. That’s how.

i’m on light armor, i have 2 pieces of armor with physical aversion and 3 with shirking Fortification and 1 with elemental aversion. I also have some thrust resistance… I don’t have any problem with bows anymore… I can beat them in 2vs1 scenario. I play mage btw. xD

I’ve been saying this for light armor iframes for a while now. They should be lowered, or take at least diminished skills damage at the beginning and at the end.
3 full invul rolls was overkill, or an oversight, AGS can’t predict the outcome of their own choices.

Medium is okayish with the def, but why chose damage mitigation when I can go for total damage negation.
Heavy should not rely on dodges but on mitigation alone, hope next patch they work on that and don’t keep overengineering the dodging system to keep sweeping under the rug the horrible desyncs, that crawled back on now most of all-around-full-servers after the merges.

Are they good bowmen or just from the batch of x2 hitbox opportunists? I get deleted by good bowmen.

No doubt, get bowed nerfed and mages are now gloating about being able to beat bows 2 against 1. Sounds totally fair … :laughing:

well it depends… it is always both ways… If i play casual and they r playing everything perfect probably i’ll die. :slight_smile:
If i’m playing against 2 or more bow users i always trying to cover myself behind everything i can find trees walls etc… and when my HP is back ill try catch one of them and use Ice spike+fireball+flamethrower… Most of the times r instant dead. Most of them only have like 50con…

I feel more intimidated by Spear or SnS+Hatchet than bows… Also Blunderbuss+IG sometimes if the enemy is very skilled… and VG+IG both combos are very hard…

Ah, I don’t trust IceSpike any more. Gotta give it a new chance but I have no perks for it.

I believe this is the most balanced patch for all weapons… Yes ofc there always will be combos that are hard to beat but after 1500hours spent in this game, this time ags seems to be on a good path eliminate meta weapons/combos… All weapons have their pros&cons and i really enjoying pvp this time. There are some issues with latency and desync in general but not that much for the game to be unplayable.

Well, I guess that is what yall want for the PVP in this game then.

I have officially surrendered:

Going to go back to some more hard core PVP games. I guess the MMO genre was never really meant to be about good PVP anyway.

Looks to me like you got your $40 worth!