Bow - Spear 100-0

Is that good design though?

spear is too strong? did you smoke too much? one of the worst weapons ingame. vaultkick does 0 damage, throw does 0 damage and pen shot (from close distance without the 999 longrange damage multiplier) will also deal 0 damage.
its impossible to kill someone with this. even against light armor with 5con. just another bullshit post.
the stagger-fix and the recent bow nerfs will make this “combo” even worse, and is has not been buffed/nerfed since release… and guess what? nobody plays it, because it sucks.

ps: got more playtime.

just give perforate ability to cancel in the mid of action as bow rapid shot, i would be more than happy about it.
and please fix the wonky hit regist of skwer , fk it

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would like to see some video how you play spear god.

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