Bow Trajectory Issue

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    Bow Trajectory Issue

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    Bug/Design Issue

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    New World - Bow Trajectory Issue

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    Bow aim down sight - moving between foreground and background objects changes the trajectory of the arrow.

By moving the reticle from foreground object, (see linked video) to a background landscape the trajectory of the arrow is changed drastically. Such that moving my reticle to the RIGHT makes my arrow hit to the LEFT of the previous shot. This leads to wildly inconsistent shots at no fault of the players.


Bumping post as this issue has still not been acknowledged as far as I am aware.

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Too many times ive watched an arrow fly off to the side when aiming at a target.
Also hit reg for heads… watching my arrow fly straight through a deer or wolf head…

This is intentional as its not an fps and can be improved with the accuracy perk, learn to compensate

I suppose you didn’t watch the video at all.
Thats okay, in summary accuracy is completely unrelated to this issue.

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i did watch the video, when you aim far away it will move the arrow shot as it is compensating for the target you are aiming at which is futher away so will always vere to the left more so you need to aim to the right of your target to be accurate, this is ALSO affected by accuracy which means it wont always hit the same place… so learn to compensate for each shot

i think you’re missing the point.
I do not want to hit my reticle if I am aiming at a moving target. It doesn’t make sense for the bow to adjust itself based off the landscape.

The problem is that the angle is being changed by something that I have no control over.
And no… Accuracy has nothing at all to do with this. That is easily disproved.

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Its a bug, developers need to fix the hitboxes

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