Bow unintentionally ruined?

The most recent patch in the void has brought in a delay between a light shot and a penetrating shot with a bow that used to be a 2 shot instant combo.
It wasn’t in patch notes and its ruined the kill potential of the weapon in pvp.
just wondering if its intentional or if its a mistake?
It has really ruined the only fun build in the game for me.

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I’m almost certain this was intentional, I think it comes along the line of a bug that allowed people to fire faster than intended. It’s only fair that you can’t just 2 shot someone down to 30% health in half a second.

It’s weird. It doesn’t take two brain cells to put together that the change was bad. So they likely have a real reason for it. E.g. players haven’t found an exploit but AGS have and thus they’ve nerfed it before it can be found OR they don’t test their stuff.

I’m being mean to AGS because I’m a bow user and a fan of new world. Getting tired of the shit show being put on.


I can still do an un aimed shot to penetrating shot instantly though which defeats the purpose of what ur saying so either way they messed something up

Yea it’s sad I was loving it until they had to screw the bow

Man this is nothing compared to what they did to the auction house if you’re overweight in your bank you can’t even use the auction hothe auction house talk about a big slim on players and you’re complaining about a bow

Yes because that’s something I can work around it’s simple don’t overload ur shed buy a house and get more storage. Problem solved. How do I fix the bow that’s being ruined? You can’t, think before u speak

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