Bow update feels cluncky

Who though it was a good idea to change the bow gameplay ? It was fluid and very nice to play ,It gave us a chance to kite and counter attack melee enemies and dodge fatal blows … Now everything feels slow and clunky . When im aggrod by a swarm of ennemies its pretty much run or die since basic attack are too slow to kite, no counterplay anymore … There’s no more animation cancel on penetrating arrow or poison arrow , each arrow need to be perfectly noded and it take forever before firing … seriously its not even fun to play anymore … please Devs , bring the old bow back !!! I am so frustrated i just want to uninstall right now.


Agreed. You’re like the 100th person on the forums today who said they didn’t like the bow change so hopefully they change it back.

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  • u still can perform it sometimes that adds one extra effect from Clunkyness
  1. If u Light Attack without scooping in
  2. After some Switches
  3. and randomly sometimes works sometimes not

that makes bow feels not consistent

They should do it like before and not this randomness!!


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