Bow/musket/spear/hatchet/S&S/hammer needs buff

bow needs more dmg
musket needs more utility and more dmg
spear need dmg better gap closer
hatched need more CC
S&S need bigger ability range and reach
hammer needs gap closer more passive dmg or more passive def. most of its buffs are coming from being hit, and heavy attack

who are you to say those need buffs?
Can’t come in, throw your opinion without defending why they are good ideas.

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im a player like every1 else here
and thats my opinion like it or not




are you a pve farmer? would you consider yourself good? wat items to you use? do you been attempt to counter?


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Good troll post. I like.

I would like the musket to be viable in pve. I don’t mean be the best, meta, OP, whatever… just like useable without being mocked/kicked.

I love the musket and I wish I could use it in expeditions.

@Vladrik would be nice to see the musket more useful in pve.

It’s just hard to balance it. I think it’s abilities need a rework.

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