Bows will destroy new patch!

IS AGS aware of that, there is no nerf for bow damage? they are already hitting like a truck and next patch they will destroy the whole meta.

This range madness should stop!!!

%30 thrust absorb with 2 phsical aversion on live. At ptr there is no damage decrease guys. This madness continue to ruin whole game experience


They did get nerfed though. Did you test this damage on someone who had good gear on the PTR? Or random no Resil pieces from the play tester boxes?


I tested it, its much more then now with the fortify change. With the invigorated punishment bug they will be more toxic. Its not hard to guess i think?


I hadn’t tested taking dmg from bow yet

I will try today with resilient gear


Wait, what do u mean with the ‘invigorated punishment bug’?

It currently increases basic attack dmg as well as skill dmg. It’s only supposed to increase skill dmg.

ı tried it like 5 hours. i dont need any clips or ss for the convince u when next patch come everybody leave the game cause of this ridiclous idiot meta.

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I mean if you dont provide any clips, ss or even any numers. What we talk about? Without any data we talk about your bad dreams mate.


recording not that hard


oh no, we’re farmed XD

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i dont want to spent more time and effort for this game. gave 1 more chance with the balance update but i think it will be worse. Hard for the players to keep playing this game…


tried against resil pieces friends and its hitting harder with fortify nerfs. ags has no idea about their game.

u dont want to waste your time by taking ss or share some data, but your fine wasting our time to discuss something only u have seen so far…


This bug is a genuine problem that needs to be fixed, but to be fair, the bug with a perk shouldn’t be valid reason to nerf a weapon. It would be like if ags announced that:

Gravity well is bugged and is cause the next basic attack after cast to inflict 300% weapon damage. Therefore, we have nerfed the base damage of the weapon, removed slow on melee hit, and shortened charge distance.

^ hopefuly the above example highlights how a bug issue and a balance issue are seperate and should not be addressed together, but should instead be addressed separately. :ok_hand:

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So ppl will leave the game because of what you claim that lack any evidence

Bug perk should get fix it’s not bow fault and other weps might potentially be stronger than bow because of the bug

So main problem is the bugged perk that cause other weps to be strong

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So it works same for all weapon why is this a BOW problem ?


30% nerf…


It’s not bow problem

Dude who put the thread can’t separate between wep balance and bugged perk that cause weps in general to be strong



This perk now take sense :slight_smile:


I don’t necessarily think it’s a bow problem specifically.