Bravo AGS! New Store Armor skins for June are a hit!

The June skins are amazing!! I’m extremely joyful that you took the time to create a dark, gritty yet sleek armor cosmetic designs. This is what the store needs more of. Of course, I would also love to see a “Skyrim” inspired type of Daedric Armor skin complete with Shield and Sword cosmetic.

The Metal Raven, easy purchase. The Automaton emote, another easy purchase. The other two armor skins we’re very decisive though, but, the Metal Raven (truthfully from a IRL coin flip) won over the Studded Stalker. Don’t get me wrong, the Studded Stalker is very appealing. Since I do roll around (no pun intended) as a FS/IG Mage, the “Death’s Chill” IG skin was a “got to have”. Looks very sleek.

With that, I also would like to open ideas to July skins. Now, I know not every country celebrates “4th of July” since it’s more of a traditional / historical holiday for Americans, perhaps a Musketeer armor skin, complete with Musket and Hatchet weapon skin would be ideal. I know some players have already presented some pictures of “colonial” Musketeer skins with Muskets and Hatchet, I would believe July would be a great opportunity to include said cosmetics along with your other planned store purchases for the month of July.

Just wanted to share some positive feedback on the current store items and just wanna say “thank you” and keep up the great work!! Looking forward to see what’s in store next! :+1: :grin:


I think they look awful as usual but to each their own. Glad someone likes them…


I think they are ugly, there is still 0 feminine premium outfits in store, all so ugly.

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I still want all the previous skins in the game to be aviable at all time. I rly cant see any reason to have almost every skin 30days exclusive befor they remove it from the store.

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They are definitely an improvement over previous options. I like the Studded Stalker.

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The last 2 months have been pretty well done. But I need a black bow and quiver! The normal one doesn’t suit any of the new skins well at all.

I think it’s time to give the ladies who play the game a little love now with some female skins.

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I see where you are going with this and just wanted to chime in a little bit with that issue. While I do agree there should be a skin or two associated for the female aspect, although, when you do dawn the armor, based on the sleek look, you can tell a female character is wearing any skin. Some may look bulky than others. I believe AGS did fix this patches ago where the female body type looks more “fitting” as far as form and frame of a female body. There’s a plethora of dresses ect, already in the game, as generic as they are “Common” rarity types and also there’s the “Wheel of Time” Twitch drops which does have more female cosmetic skins. I believe the main goal here for AGS is to make the armor skins visually look unisex when equipped, they can appease both male and female character types. Some do not though which is understandable and you can definitely tell it’s more of a male character type of armor skin than female character type.

If there’s two pieces of armor within the store that you know looks like a female is wearing it when equipped, it’s the February’s “Fool for Love” and “Knight of Devotion” skins that really stuck out. Perhaps in the near future AGS can put a split between male and female armor cosmetic skins in future patches. :+1:

what do you mean feminine armor ?
real armor cant be feminine unless you want bikini armor or something.
can you give an example of a real armor that is feminine ?

Still regional block on purchasing Marks of Fortune for rus steam accounts

there is 1 Jadeite Assassin Chestpiece - Item - New World Database

Agree, good job AGS. Thank you

I think honestly, most people would settle for the armor fitting the body better on the female characters. Most outfits in plate or otherwise look like they are 3X oversized and don’t match the body type at all.

I’m not particularly fond of bikini armor, but the armor should fit a lot better. Most of them make me look like a barrel chest lumberjack .-.

This armor is not particularly flashy, but notice that it fits @_@


Ofc you don’t see the reason because is not really a reason beside a cheap marketing strategy that create a urgency to buy the limited offer items.

Skins are cool and all, but can we finally have black dyes in consumables shop?


THIS, 100% agree

We need more badass skin like this. Take my money.


At least they don’t cater to this jerkoff fantasy for female chars.

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No i dont want what you saying, i don’t want look like a badass, just delicate.


I don’t agree that they’re ugly, but one dress would be nice. I’ve purchased two outfits so far. The pink one and white one (can’t be arsed to look up the names), but I see a few nice feminine/girly/dressy armor chests in game so at least one in the store would be cool.

For me, a transmog system would help me a great deal. I can find outfit combinations that I like, but I can’t usethem for very long because I out-grow the armor.

As an aside, my BF really likes these latest armor costumes. I do think they look cool too, I’d just love a fancy dress/girly costume as well.


If you think feminine and badass are mutually exclusive, and that feminine armor in an MMO has to mean chainmail bikinis and armor designs by Frank Frazetta then I don’t know what to tell you.

I don’t understand how you went from armor that properly fits the female frame or has feminine touches to assuming that means hypersexualized, but it doesn’t have to - at all.

I’m lucky to be married to amazing lady who also has a history of serious badassery in MMOs. One of her biggest complaints about NW is a lack of remotely feminine appearances and you couldn’t get her to wear hypersexualized outfits with a gun to her head.