Breeding toxicity

I feel like the mechanics of this game just breed toxicity among players, if this was open-world PVP it wouldn’t be a problem if we could just flag up like Black Desert and kill people then it wouldn’t make it such a hard pill to swallow when trolls walk around luring mobs on people farming ore there to grab it themselves, this is literally all they do all day long now this wouldn’t be so bad if you could just flag up and kill them or try to kill them instead you just have a bunch of players running around not contested by other players because there is no open world PVP luring mobs. They should make it mandatory to go to high-level zones flagged as PVP if you lose a battle fair and square then so be it you leave, you lost the fight you respect that and you go because you cannot compete with the other players in that area but what we have is just a breeding ground for toxic behavior, luring mobs onto people should not be a mechanic just introduce open-world PVP that is a mechanic and not a toxic one.

If you farm Orichalcum atm you’re simply a masochist. It’s borderline impossible

Nah I’m not actually there farming the ore I’m just increasing my watermark here grabbing chests but these guys are still luring on me purposely occasionally if there is one bit of ore free i’ll grab it you can pretty much bet these guys are round the corner ready to aggro mobs onto me tho.

Na, I meant anyone who’s farming it is masochist. Just so many people camping it, luring mobs, trying to sneak last hit on it, etc… Literally pointless.

Ores shouldn’t spawn at same place because this absolutely makes it only pain to farm and nothing else.

I agree they should move those ore spawns elsewhere, I actually don’t think end game ore should be surrounded by elite mobs at all to be honest, it makes it almost impossible for anyone trying to enjoy the game solo to play especially with these morons running around the place.

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