Brightwood quest chain end quests are terrible

Papa Bear and Heart of Darkness have you go kill an “Elite” enemy. Only they don’t tell you this is some kind of super-elite that takes a half dozen players with proper tank and healers (or a stupid amount of area overheals) and all the dps button-mashing wildly.
And your reward is a plain Tier 3 weapon.
Tough fights that are not even fun.

Huge pain in the ass, plus now I have to group up when all along I was doing the quests just fine solo.

Related to this – the term “Elite” really needs to be scrapped. It covers too wide a range of enemies and when you see the name plate, you have no idea if it’s going to suddenly skyrocket in difficulty compared to other elites.
Even named Elites in the same zone can be wildly different, such as the Covenant promotion quest Elite compared to Papa Bear and Heart of Darkness.

Instead, use a level number appropriate to the challenge the enemy represents.
Level number instead of fancy nameplate - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

Sorry to see you’ve had a negative experience with the quest chain GrailQuest.

What would you like changed about the chain in particular? What reward would make it feel like it was worth the effort?

Since the quest chain was literally solo all the way, I’d like to have it soloable. Put the enemy on par with the difficulty of the promotion quests in the same zone. Not suddenly super-hard with really no warning.
If that were done, the reward is not really relevant. After all I Salvaged all the quest gear I got so far anyway – overland drops are better and frequent enough that I can jigsaw a loadout that works for my playstyle. Quest drops generally lag behind and frequently are not what I’m looking for. If you want to adjust rewards, the entire reward scheme really needs to be audited.

And after all, for my faction promotion quest in the zone, I killed an “Elite” too, right? But players will be suddenly surprised by Papa Bear and Heart of Darkness even though they are labelled “Elite” as well.

I’m level 60 but undergeared as I’m following the story quests only and getting only overland gear drops and quest drops. I can handle regular mobs in the Elite zone, and can go one-on-one with some regular mobs in the level 60-61 zones. But I really have no chance trying to solo these bosses.
Players who do a LOT less Town Board missions will probably be closer to zone level and would have a lot harder time in the Elite zone.

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