Brimestone Sands update: Feedback


Hello team (and players reading), I wanted to provide my feedback so far about the recent update and the state of the game. I hope you enjoy the read and I hope it helps you in the future make new world be even better.


As a pvper, I can easily say the new dungeon is by far the best and my most favorite dungeon. In general when it comes to dungeons i feel they are about 20% to long. Maybe tone them down to around 30 minute timers instead of the 45minutes they are at.

I want to touch a little on the design of this Ennead and some design choices you made that need to be talked about. The first thing i want to talk about is the choice to mix npc types (corrupted, ancient) in the dungeon. This was an interesting move however after being capped on 25 mutation + 10 or so normal runs already, i can tell you that “constant” need to swap is becoming an annoyance. Gear swapping sets may correct this issue in time but i wanted to make sure it was actively in your mind

The second point i want to talk about this is the mechanic heavy encounters like that at the end of ennead. While i personally enjoy them i consider myself to be a higher end gamer and as such i am worried about the players that do not have such native skill. I would suggest adding some sort of “codex” in the dungeon. In wow we assigned icons for boss mobs that you could click via the map and get a break down of loot, lore and abilities and how to deal with them. I Would like to make the same suggestion for new world to help resolve these issues.

Lastly, I would like to say that i really would like more Azoth based tasks in dungeons. Everything we do in dungeon is largely combat related. I was thinking it may be interesting to start designing dungeons that are outside of this entire concept. Puzzle based dungeons, racing teammates for an extra loot bonus and so on. There is so much potential here for such things, especially and specifically around the azoth staff. Please try to really ramp this up with team based competition and cooperation.

Open World Content
the next topic here is to open world. I absolutely love the glyph system and the idea of unlocking bosses behind it. This was a massive move and i am so extremely happy you did this. I would love even more concepts, especially things like the night/day cycles and unique bosses being locked behind such systems.

My next point i would like to talk about is content over all. I know above there are suggestions for improving dungeons but i wanted to make a suggestion that could change the future of open world content in new world. I would like to suggest the idea of micro-world dungeons

Basically The idea behind this is that you place doors or some such model down. This will open the way to instanced based open world content (another scene) in which players will have individually have cooldowns. These area’s will have cyclical terrain design in which when you complete it it leads back to the start. The objectives here should ultimately reward umbral shards as they are a major issue at the moment. I am starved from Umbral gems on my alt sets.

These new micro-world dungeons should follow the logic that there is no player cap, or group requirement to them instead they simply act as another scene in which people can freely access at any point and individually (or as a group) do at will (minus CDS).

Hey team working on housing you have really stepped up the moves this patch. The new housing floorplans are amazing and 100 times better. That being said i want to provide my feedback on this.

I would love more color options in housing, and especially some option to swap the textures on the houses so i can have my own color choices. Creating a UI option to change this would be amazing. I would even pay for premium skins.

I Would also like to suggest that you create new “manors” that are 100-500k Costs and around 4 times the size of the current houses in SQ. As a point of feedback i absolutely love the roofing area where you can place things, and the outside areas that are incorporated in the house on the 2nd and third levels.

When it comes to items and decorations in the houses i would like to suggest you move in the direction of no longer having housing that has built in fireplaces. The concept of creating fireplaces and adding them is a better move, In my opinion.

I would also like multi-player chairs added. we have “beds” but nothing where multiple people can sit together. Lastly, Houses need more lighting as they gain more space. Please consider increasing lights by 4 for tier 3 or higher housing.

City deisgn
brimestones city is amazing and its the baseline on how to design cities. The design, aesthetics and more are exceptionally done.

Class balance

Alright here comes the negatives on the patch. Mage is still hurting so much. The recent changes to the pillar of fire make mage feel much better however that “sticky” Option that is built into spells is STILL A MASSIVE Problem. please do a design pass on mage weapons. Design them with stances and such things like you did greatsword.

Which brings us to greatsword. In general i feel like this weapon is extremely polished and well done. I however Am still largely annoyed by the continued “animation locking” and “animation cancelling”


Weekly Cap on Dungeons
With the release of this content patch, I have shifted to lots of PvE play. I am annoyed at the 25 mutations a week and cannot understand why after seeing the damage of orbs you are still trying to play this “stop people from doing their primary activity game”. If you must slow player progression rates do so by gearing that which progresses them, ie loot etc. DO NOT STOP THEM FROM PLAYING.

  • Increase the cap on mutations significantly or rework the system to make it so that you personally can only launch 25, but may join other groups to an unlimited amount.

Zone Expansions
We should talk about the fact that as zones are added the zones become more “empty” (ie population is more spread out). This will become an issue very soon within the next two or three zones.

I Would again like to readvocate for the expansions of a server’s max pop. We need this to get up to a minimum of 10k. Please make this a priority.

Things i do not want to see right now
I hear of looming Gearscore expansions or level cap increases. Please reconsider this. This will complicate balance and the games progression right now. Please dont fall into this trap. Focus on improving the classes that need to be improved, refining the combat mechanics and armor values and creating new open world content options (like micro dungeons).

I also do not want to see more melee weapons. I would love daggers to get into the game but no more melee outside of that. Its getting insane. You dedicate so much of the class resource budget to melee and its just abnoxious at this point. please i beg you stop. We need the other mage classes. We need them to be intellect driven, or at the least mage weapons that have equal damage scaling on int+ alt stat.

some key changes i’d like to see

  • rework bow “sniper” mode to be third person. its problematic in pve and pvp to snipe from this first person view. Often in pve things fall on you and it causes death or near death. The disadvantage is to significant. standard third person will help this.

  • VG abilities being swapped off individual ability scaling and shifted to equal damage split on int/focus.

  • VG/Fire Damage over time effects increased to a minimum of 40% weapon damage.

  • Start Extending some contents release over a few weeks. For example heartgems should of released level 1 in this patch, a few weeks from now 2, and a few weeks from that 3. Extending patch releases like this over time will help prevent balance issues and help people get use to what they want to build and how they want to play. At thie moment people like me who swapped roles are so starved that even while we have the resources to upgrade we dont have the shards.

  • World bosses need to be even more deadly. Add some aoe mechanics in, more phases and lots more health and after that lots more health and after that lots more health.

Bug Fixes

  • Some of the statues in the release update are not properly loading their higher LOD levels. Please fix this.

  • Various objects in the world are not properly being seated on terrain (ie floating).

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