Brimstone add nothing to anyone else like me?

Other than being forced to do the pve quest to get my heart rune then forced to run the new dungeon to get detonate it hasn’t added anything new for me and no reason for me to go into the new area. All I do is arena and some opr and the occasional open world pvp if I feel like getting my steps in chasing people. Was excited when I saw the Roman arena thinking we were gonna get a duel arena in open world instead of winsward or some new pvp maps. But for the pvp scene it seems other than getting your mandatory ultimate there’s nothing and I’m pretty disappointed. It’s nice to see a new weapon but that was always expected down the line.

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Kinda the same. Just few hours of quests, few new monster patterns but the most important still the same issue that this game had in open world - no grinding zones solo/group because spending time there is not efficient. There is no place that you can farm via killing moobs and earning money. Still the same boring places like elite zones with the same monster skins and chest runs that people repeat once per day without any interaction with open world, faction quests and done. They are wasting so much potential of open world, especially the ones that is so beautiful.

They should get rid of corrupted etc finally and write new story with new monsters and places. How long they gonna copy paste it.

Still only one OPR map without any improvements.
Territory wars that still favorizes melee and bruisers and it’s hard to get as a ranged.
Dungeons and mutations with the same moobs you meet in open world, just bosses have some additional mechanics.

Pretty avg in every aspect, there is a lot of potential but seems like they do not want or have no idea how to use it.

For pve people I was mainly confused that there was no lvl cap increase or something cause I don’t see a point in doing the quests in the area? You get no exp. Maybe if I got pvp exp while flagged for completing the quests or something. The area isnt for new or returning players cause again it’s lvl 60 so you won’t come here at lvl 50 to grind out your last 10 lvls in a new area. Other than extra chest runs the whole area just feels like a waste of money? All that voice acting and quests that add nothing to end game both pve and pvp

It was free content in a game that has almost no content. If you didn’t enjoy it, this game just likely isn’t for you. Not every single activity needs to “have a reason” … There is such a thing as gaming for the joy of it.

P.s. they add more levels or expertise levels and you’ll see a mass exodus.

Not likely for me? What content? At lvl 60 endgame with the gear I have there is nothing to do or gather or grind in that area. Let’s say I was a pve player, I have end game gear im not changing so why would I want to do the dungeon or world bosses or chest runs or new quests? If they increased the lvl cap to 65 with a new tier of gear like a normal mmo then I could see a reason to go there, but with amazons expertise system and umbrals I believe they ruined that idea that every mmo in the genre does

God forbid your do something for fun instead for a reward. Sheesh.

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why don’t you try something new like pve instead of complaining there’s nothing to do

Because there’s no gear or reward for me doing so? I have the gear I want and perks I want. Why is this new patch offering me nothing new for my character?

I’m guessing you only play one build, right?

Not to add fuel to the fire buuuuut… heartrunes are key in builds now and runeglass gems. Both of which can only be farmed from mobs/dungeons and resources in brimstone. Or bought but if you count that then nothing at all is needed in game.

Just from the title i knew it’s a PVP only guy’s post and i was not wrong. Brimstone update is absoulute banger, but if player goes like “i just want to get things buy pvp/buying on market” and strongly reject playing anything else than PVP then yeah… you’re missing so much content so no surprise the game gets boring and updates feels like nothing to you

we need a second opr map that doesnt favour musket users.

For free it is hard to complain but yea was kinda meh in regards to content. Couple hours and I had all the quests completed and glyphs discovered. Past that, the zone has some great vistas. It was definitely more of an update, no where even close to an “expansion” imo. Pretty sure they even said it was an update and not an expansion