Brimstone Archers

I’m trying to quest in Brimstone during non peak times other wise content is almost impossible. However it’s just as hard this way for 1 reason. The Archers in every encampment are broken. They hardly ever miss a shot, are blasting me through walls with no line of sight, have 2 CC abilities, hit for like 3k per normal shot?? But if this wasn’t crazy enough the beyond worst part is they aggro from across the base. I’ve tried to get a quest done this morning but on 3 separate occasions now I’ve had one from half mile away decide to attack me, I don’t see him because he wasn’t near me and then runs up next to me pulling half the base with him. I guess I need to play during peak sadly because this is ridiculous.


Git gud lol.
Thoose aint hard at all. Even soloing them in elite zones…

Yes, these archers (and yes, only the mobs with bow) are ridiculous hard hitting.

Additional to the stuff above, it seems these archers have also a very high aggro range. Some start attacking you even if you’re figurally hundereds of meters away.


Sure I can agree on archer in brimstone are hard hiting, but I also like challenge, with dodge, block etc.

Hard is good.

My only issue is they shoot through walls.

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block 3 of them at the same time^^ gl buddy

Just focus the archers and time your dodges. Unless your purposely pulling 5+ mobs to aoe them down, you’ll rarely die.

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brother comments like this are just f’in… let them be! they are overpowered thats a fact… dont want to switch my gear to ward gear wtf is that

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There are packs of 3 and 5 that can not be pulled separately.

And unlike in WOW, where mobs can be crowd controlled for a minute by using a trap, sheep, fear, etc, this game has no such ability.

I was in heavy armor (Battle mage build, 13k health) and flame throwing the pack of 5 in the north west part of the map, my GF healing and I almost died 3 times. I burnt 2 pots in the process. These mobs hit harder than expedition mobs.

It’s over tuned.

Weird. I’ve never had that many problems with them. I play at 4:30 am solo and do just fine in most content (unless it’s an elite area, which wasn’t meant to solo).

I’m usually just in my PvP gear…

Dunno what to tell you, I guess. I’m honestly not trying to be a flippant dick.

We could get into a philosophical debate about how hard content should be (should you never die? Should you be one shotting everything but elites?)… But I doubt that would be fruitful.

Why block 3 attacks in a row?, dodge, shelter behind an stone block to make the archer run to you.

i hate all types of archers and musket mobs in this game. super long aggro range and there’s always too many of them. try doing quests in forts and other areas where there’s several of them up on the walls taking shots at you. it’s just no way to survive the barrage when playing solo.

i think the devs forgot that these areas won’t always be crowded with players doing stuff there.
i had to give up some of the quests in shattered mountain before moving onto brimstone because of this. and then i ran into this new kind with heavy fire damage + disease to boot. also going to be an issue for newer players running into the zone such as me who hasn’t gotten themselves a full set of legendary gear beforehand.

yeah - I recently went to a camp that was usually “easy” but wow what a difference it makes in solo play.

Some camps are broken (I think) because if you pull one mob, the aggro radius triggers like a domino effect much like the camps did in shattered mountain.

The archers are insane - I was panning my camera around in a panic trying to find the archer pelting me, and it was above me shooting through the floor! they become unreachable in some cases (this is rough for melee primarily).

Not sure if they need nerfed or it is by design that you need a group with a healer to go through it. Shattered Mountain camps were/are like that (we outgear it all now but once upon a time…it was the same deal, and never changed).

What I will point out is that low pop servers are substantially impacted by this design. I was on a dead server where you couldn’t do half the content because it was designed around grouping.

Archers crazy OP and need a tuning for sure

Lol dude theyre very clearly overtuned :joy::joy:

Haven’t really had a problem with them. They are super squishy and die in like 2-3 shots. Sure their shots hurt like hell… if you let yourself being hit :smiley:

What a “great” hint.

They are bad designed. Not only the huge damage output and crazy dots. If you add one of them, without prewarning, hope you made a camp. … this is not so important at heavy populated servers, but at lower ones - have fun dying.

And biggest problem: they can shoot without havin LoS (like these pistol wearing mobs) and so on. Especially this ‘rain of fire’, miles away behind a rock, and you’ll get hit.

Buff the archers? You got it! :wink:

We’ll take a look at the Archers and make sure they’re in the difficulty range we intend for them to be at.


Those mofos hit hard.

Seems that all ranged mobs got slightly buffed regarding aggro range and when they use those explosive skills I get more damage than in PvP.

Did a quest there to catch up with Lazarus gear 623 and they make me sweat.
But just a little. Maybe for someone on light they could be a real challenge, haven’t tested it but yea, they seem a little overtuned.

Just correcting the LoS issues would help a lot. Getting behind a rock or under cover to get a few seconds to pop a tincture or heal should be a reasonable strategy. Right now they just magically shoot through the rock.