Brimstone Archers

i solo them… in light, even the elite’s

Please reduce their range, currently it’s ridiculous, and also nerf their base damage if they inflict fire dots on you. They are a bit overtuned compared to other mobs, especially if they are many right next to each other.

Please give them snipers instead of bows, their range is pretty insane right now, they aggro you from too far away. They do a lot of base damage and on top also apply dots. :sweat_smile:

Give them mortal empowerment buff for every player they kill until someone kills them, they are too easy right now /s

Seriously AGS, Heavy geared tank doing M10’s gold like it was nothing. But here we got these Archers and for some reason that ONLY you guys know. They can fucking one shot me, like my armor or resistents means nothing to them!! Come on and take a look at this please

I love the pain! To me feels great to worry about dying in the open world for once. Keep em deadly :slight_smile:

Also Chardis as a boss needs a finger flick move like in super smash bros fighting the hand :smiley:

i hate them less because of the dmg and more because if you do block them (without a shield idk if that helps) the fire stacks still apply to you, and the ones with poison also apply with fire. and since they both stack to 10 it shreads your hp even when you block, not to mention how tanky they are. sure make them hit like a truck but there is no reason they should be as tanky as a melee skelly.

Non-elite areas shouldn’t be impossible to solo for people who just got into Brimstone Sands, as no one really groups up for side quests. Please keep that in mind.

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