Brimstone story, second part through gates. Not working

Character Name: Baby Waste Unit
Issue that occurred: Quest into brimstone sands.
Time and Date: 10/19 1:45pm
World/Server: Eridu
Location where issue occurred: Gate to Brimstonesands

So i did the initial quest to make the potion to resist the harsh conditions of brimstone. But when i walk from ebonscale to brimstone the quest doesnt prompt the next part. I even ran to the outpost to the guy it seems im meant to hand into, but hes grayed out.

And yes… i have complete previous story quests, (A selfless Nature) Blah Blah, i even relogged, closed game etc, not sure what is going on. Kinda annoying.

I just abandoned and reaquired the quest to do it again, made the potion again, drank it, ran from ebonscale settlement to the gate, nothing…

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