Brimstones Sands Update: we need more resources

As the update approaches I think a lot of the servers will see an influx of players coming back to the game or just starting in it. There will be a huge demand for various resources and gold to purchase these. Mid to late tier resources like wyrdwood, starmetal, silkweed, and ironwood, orichalcum, lodestone, and wirefiber are all increasing in price. As the release day draws closer, these resources will be scarcer, and prices will rise since people will be stockpiling it. Because if you aren’t you’ll be missing out.

Therefore, we will need more of these resources in the map since what we currently have is not sustainable for any populated server (and guess where new players will be more likely to join in). You’ll have to compete with both bots, players and your typical server a-hole who tents nodes for no reason. So we need more resources to allow newer and current players to effectively progress their characters and participate in the new update.

By adding more resources readily available for everyone, it will partially solve the bot issue. Since these resources will be farmable, there will less likely be a reason for people to buy coins from gold sellers to purchase resources however this will not completely stop them since some people will still buy coins.




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