Bring back ice spike.. oh wait grav well is the ice spike

since the new patch, the grav well explosion hits 3x. but lets nerf spike.
lets give grav well a throwable root, that also does ice spike dmg, to an aoe, because we are great at balancing the game.

i thought they removed the ice spike burst from the game, i was wrong, they just gave it to the alrdy best skill in the game. grav well is litteraly ice shwoer+ice spike in 1, in a thowable aoe form. please gie it the scream treatment and make it unusable tyvm


Its absolutely ridiculous. It’s also a shame to see a very cool designed spell like ice spike almost never being used anymore.


The average OPR match


what i took from this is nerf ice shower !


nice :rofl:

Yea ice spike was very rewarding to use. Yes in light armor and with the proper setup we could one shot a player in medium. But so can melee now in aoe. Grav into heavy into maelstrom. A bit like ice storm into heavy into spike. Only difference the heavy is a skill shot and the spike was also a skill shot.

But melee can do that in aoe now. And also people run arround into full heavy orichalcum sets with onyx gems complaining about burst elemental dmg…

I mean ice spike is so unreliable now, you are forced to use firestaff for some burst. We need to go light and use fireball boom 3,5k crit burst dmg

I just miss playing the ice spike :smiling_face_with_tear:

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3.5k on light ye. :frowning:

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