Bring Back PVP Scaling!

As a heavy Beta Player during both closed and open betas, before PVP scaling was brought in, it was too easy to thrash low levels or get thrashed by dudes with better gear/higher level. Now it’s the same, but when PVP scaling was around during closed beta, at least the open world PVP gameplay was fun. As a low level, you could at least try and fight high level dudes you run into in the wild. And as a high level, anyone would still present a challenge. Low levels actually walked around unflagged! I don’t believe in unflagging because the game was fun that way, until now when I’m level 60 with low level gear and can’t do a thing against 60’s who have time for the perfect gear.

Please consider it! It’s more PVP fun for everyone.

  • Bayle Doman

I see your argument, but you can craft 570 gear for relatively cheap now which is less than 5% ish difference vs. full 600 guy in same style gear. The scaling presented problems where people weren’t trying to get end game gear, and would just sit on low gear simply for the amount that you scaled off it. Just embrace the suck of grinding random mods like the rest of us. On my server, 10k can net you good enough gear to be competitive in end-game pvp without relying on the crutch of scaling.

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