Bring back the old crafting visual!

As the title says, the new craft visual/animation is not fun to do or watch, you just click and scrap the “purples”, lately it was a BIG MOMENT, you sit and watch with company crew for some BIS item to pop on screen, that had some “magic” and vibe. Right now i lost my willingness to craft and have fun from it, as i think as many many others.

EDIT: I think there should be a switch to change the way of doing it.
Just by adding the swtich to do fast craft for leveling and anotherone to do gamba for the gear you want.


Agree! Just have it as an option, for leveling its obviously way better, but when im crafting stuff i want to see each craft one by one

No thanks! Fast crafting animation is really nice! If you want to craft only 1 at a time you already can.

So that why i did the edit, so everybody could do they thing as they want to.

Totally agree. It has lost the magic when everybody was excited on discord watching the crafting (even the smallest things).

I totally agree. It totally took the crafting fan!

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