Bring Crafters back with less rng

Crafters have said/posted/and even just quit the game because of the rng of crafting .

Random chance has it place, and can be good -in a limited application.
Example in perk:
Sliver of Consecrated Iron- Sacred- 3 to 8.5% outgoing healing

Crafter gets the rng of 3% outgoing healing, 5% outgoing healing and 5.5% outgoing healing on the 3 pieces they make.

They are happy with results-but that crafter is more then likely to try again and again to get that 8.5%. outgoing healing.

If crafters can choose all 3 perks, the rng of getting the perfect highest level of each perk in a crafted object will be their goal.

Game Cripples the Crafters with rng, stopping them from getting their “I made it PERFECT thrill”.

A rng grind with failure over and over just to get a certain set of perks is a just punch in the face over and over.

A grind with seeing success in percentage value of the perks is a pat on the back and inspires to try again.

Will it lower market?
Maybe for crafted items, they will be cheaper…
Ingredients for crafting in all trades will get a boost.
Then market will level out, as it always does.


The fact that you think it scales from 3% to 8.5% based on RNG shows you know nothing about crafting, so you are just wasting the time of anyone who reads your post. Please delete it.

Note that i used the words Example

An * perk*, that is already in game data.
Now used as an example to show how this could work as an smaller set of rng for a crafter in 3 perk system.

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