Bring on the Giant Pigs!

I wish there were random world bosses like what was done in the PTR. It would be fun to have the giant pigs and stuff!

We know you can do it… why not put it in the game to spice things up!!!


There’s that sort of stuff on the PTR? that’s super cool! I made this suggestion on another thread that if transmogs were added, they could add weird, secret bosses that could give unique sets to wear as a reward for finding/killing them. It would probably combine well with this idea!

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Fun idea Puck-Luck, I am sure the Dev team will be excited to see it. I’ll go ahead and forward this feedback up to them. Take care!



oohhh! I love them!

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I am absolutely against this kind of nonsense.

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Don’t tell me, I don’t care and I am not the one who did it. :+1:


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@Aenwyn, look! @AzraelsTear found George and Lidia! :see_no_evil:


Ngl it do be kinda Thick :flushed:

Because you want you “Game” to be realistic? hahah

yeah we desperately need world bosses to fight over in open world PvP, just makes sense


every territory should have a boss that needs 20+ people to kill droping some very good stuff. Companies will fight each other while fighting the boss (respawn time 1-2-3 days) amazing open world pvp content.

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There’s enough PvP content. This should be for PvE.


enough pvp content where in bowpr and arena? with the same logic you have so many dungeons plus mission you can do plus crafting plus gathering for pve content XD

There’s plenty of open world PvP, missions, OPR, Arenas, Wars, influence pushing. Open world PvE is far more important to focus on. Especially when there’s 0.5% of the playerbase even doing PvP. Don’t need to waste that many resources on the minority.

You tried though, bring something smart next time.

PvE cant sustain this game. Thats a simple fact. If i wanna play PvE id play FF which has godtier content for Months


why do you think they are testing it on the PTR? pretty sure they dont test things just for something to do. I’d look for this to happen on live servers eventually.

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