BRITTIA - MERGE into Dry Tree or EU server

Hi Devs!

We are currently having a bad experience in our server, we are just 112/2000 right now in the server, with peak (400-700max) just for the 2h war time. We have fun a bit in wars, but not all players can enjoy this, since only 50 can play. The fights are most among 3 companies.

  • OpenPVP: up and down with quests, Kilometres… very boring, opponent answer is rare, infact
    there are few players.

  • Crafting has been a mess, it’s very bad because most of players can’t pay that much or they think it’s not worth it or not lucky enough to get BIS item, i have 0 bis and i play since day 1 mage. I also had 500k gold but couldn’t find one to buy even!

  • Farming: there are a lot of bots and few players who camp resources.

  • Trading Post: prices are crazy, materials can’t be found at good quantity.

  • Dungeons: Very hard to find groups in LFG outside your company, especially for Dynasty
    mutated, it tooks hours or forever…

  • OutpostRush: queues can last 1h+ and there are always same people which learn your name
    and focus on you. The experience is awful then add desync issue. Few builds like musquets,
    blunderbuss/sns ohk combo are ruining the experience in arena ptr too. Outpost rush should
    be playable with players from other servers (EU region) and a tool which hide your name
    should be added.

  • Items: except the items you can find in dungeons which are not guaranteed, for example i got
    the black guard firestaff after more than 20runs at least and 0 BG void gauntlet, 0 dynasty ice
    guantlet with refreshing aswell from the final boss, it’s extremely hard to get good items
    outside dungeons…

  • Mage: Firestaff - Ice Gauntlet did not have the same support other builds had, the INT based
    build didn’t get a good void armour, ring like keen hearty refreshing int/con called band of
    daemon dusk
    can’t be obtained at all, it’s just in new world database. other builds have same ring but dex or
    strenght. No divine health refreshing INT named drop, no Keen Vicious Keenly Empowered
    weapons named drop, no earring refreshing refreshing toast refreshing health named drop
    where are the resilient refreshing + firestaff/icegauntlet weapon perk? if there were 1 would
    cost more than 300k in my server so 1: would be a pain 2: do u have that money? 3: probably
    would be sent from that player to a company teammate 4: it incentivizes the purchase of
    GOLD with real money on sites accross all servers , that means more bots again and cheats.

Please save New World game from disaster.

2: Balance Weapons
3: give players the possibility to get BEST IN SLOT ITEMS by just playing and resources without farming, farming would be an EXTRA.

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