Broken Chat - blocks common words

Hey AGS folks, I don’t know what you did to chat - I assume it was to fix the HTML injection - but you screwed up a thousand other things.

Players are now unable to type in a whole lot of common English, including things like “you’re”, “your”, and others. Like, what the heck is this? Did you hire a monkey to code a RegExp to validate user inputs?

This is a serious problem. I keep defending you developers/programmers, but I can’t defend you here. This is obviously and completely f—ed up. I’d expect this kind of f—kup from an intern with a bad attitude, not a professional game developer.

Other posts on the same issue:


Thought I was muted or the chat was laggy. Just turns out it was a garbage chat filter. Why am I not surprised?


No they patch code that is not tested so yeah it’s bound to be a mess…

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A hell lot of german words dont work anymore too. Kinda funny.

Just made a post about this myself a few minutes before you did lol

Some filters I found:

Whatever it was they did, it was very irresponsible. I know they’re always testing stuff to improve the game but come on. Starting to feel like a lab rat here.


Please @Luxendra , @TrevzorFTW could you please, please, bring this up to the dev team and give them a good smack on the head for us? Because this is some beginner stuff. Like, we appreciate that they’re trying to hotfix known issues, but this seems like the programmer hasn’t even tested the regexp themselves.

Thank you guys!

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“in ebonscale” is blocked for me

Because what could possibly be in Ebonscale, right? There’s nothing there! Nothing to see, move on. :smiley:


Yeah, I wonder how many other completely normal phrases and words we’ll find that register as false positives for the new filter.

pvp is also blocked haha

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well, the devs can’t take their chevy down to the levy in everfall

instead, they have to take their ford down to the fjord in firstlight…

It’s dry, anyway. :wink:


same for eu server, not playable without chat with v in latters … cant communicate at all suxx, playing rust until patch is up.
btw pls bann all bug user <3

Yes makes it rather hard to get a raiding party together, when “turn PVP on” is automatically muted.

In a PVP game too…o

As mentioned in my post as well, It should be revoke until it works as intended.

I have become ‘she who shall not be named’, very inconvenient.

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LEL - censorship, why am I not surprised…

I posted this on a different topic as well but if this still persists after the downtime for this patch, please let me know.


Try to type the Letter “V” it literally does not go through at all.

Just typed the letter v in chat and it appears to still be broken after downtime.

Yeah the chat is still not working properly, V is still cursed

It’s still bugged, @Luxendra … I just tested the chat as well:

“Vicious vampire of Everfall invaded a cave in Ebonscale, devoured every PVP veteran, and evaded various devices via marvelous maneuvers.”

Yep, sure enough the whole message got eaten by the chat filter.