Broken economy. A suggestion

I play on SA and unfortunately the economy of the game is totally broken. I suppose this is the case in all regions.

A lot of concentrated gold for some (mainly leaders) and little gold for the peasants.

How about a fixed NPC, like every MMORPG, that I can sell the items for a fixed price?

That would help a bit to unburden this totally destroyed economy.


This is absolutely a great idea.
It would

  • Stop min price scalpers buying thinks like linen and iron at .01 and .02 on the market

  • Provide an outlet for items like weak health potions and gold ore that don’t sell even at .01

  • Give players the choice between getting repair parts from salvaging or gold. Another suggestion would be to grant 1 azoth on deconstructing anything blue rarity or higher.

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At the first glance it sounds like a great idea (fixing PvE income & fixing problem with abundance of items) but is it realy sound?

To me, it looks like a quick way AROUND the economy issue, not a fix OF economy issue.

First of all, it does not fix the problem of PvP players lacking gold. It would only help those players that loot a lot. (I am not a PvP player, just concerned about the overall state of the game).

Secondly, it breaks the whole point (and immersion) of player-driven market thus throwing the glaring issue under the carpet. So instead of improving the market so that the money can circulate among the players, you add a simple yet superfluous way to sink items and generate money. It might be a far-fetching idea I am presenting here, but it is not as much satisfactory or fulfilling to sell a thing you made or found to a computer as it would be to selling it to player who really needs it.

It would throw the real issue of economy in the shadow. Too many of certain item - no problem, just sell it. Too little of another item - again not a problem since even if the price will be higher you could always sell a ton of what you have in abundance and buy it. Instead of making the proper balance.

Easy fix? Yes. Good fix - definitely not.

And after we would have that fix, the next logical thing to ask would be for a NPC vendor that sells for fixed prices, because it is the same thing. And yes, that would work too, but that is just scratching the whole free market idea. One of the most promising concepts of this game.

So, it’s a hard NO from me.


Ambulant trader maybe? Someone apear 1 day every 5 6 days to buy raw stuff (thats work to the market too, people don,t sell cheap items or someone buy all to sell It to the vendor) (bullshit autotranslate leave me alone… XD trader is not trasero)

This will also set the minimum price of items in game which Devs can adjust to tune the economy. It will also greatly decrease the item count sitting in banks.

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But after NPC we have a new problem, more gold inc to game… i think this system not bad,NPC idea also good idea,but what about new Company gold system? Lot of company just sit on 150k-300k coins… maybe company coin cap? or all guild members withdraw a bit / day? any cap on withdraw or idk am just thinking too… i see 580ilvl items in ah for 300coin idk why … the economy is really broken. And check bot users pls, Instance botting/fishing etc

So here’s my suggestion. Instead of adding a vendor to sell items to. How about adding a merchant route quest to sell your stuff. In town A (or remote location) you make the bundles of goodies and put them on saddle bags of an animal. That animal walks slower than people. Bring said goodies to town B. The further away the more profit you make. This will be a pvp quest however. So any other faction may attack the caravan, pick up those goods, put them in saddle bags on animals and sell in any town of their liking. Also the further you go from the location you stole the goods. The more profit you make.

I have seen this suggestion on reddit as well and I think it would be a great way to generate gold, but I still think it is necessary to have a way to remove the items valued at .01 and have a hard floor on their value. Even if weak health potions are worth .02 to the npc, at least I wouldn’t have to throw them on the ground or pray for someone to make the mistake of buying them from the trading post.

This game has taxes on almost everything, which is great for the long term health of the game, but once the main and sidequests on your account are complete, you don’t add much to the economy.

Another suggestion would be to add a 25-50 gold reward to completing corrupted invasions. On my server they have taken over several areas and rarely get dealt with and I haven’t noticed any consistent cashflow other than the chests for completion. It would also make sense that a territory would give gold to anyone who helps complete these events.

Markets and economies ebb based on supply and demand. This economy isn’t broken it is working as it should. There is an extreme over supply problem. A lack of demand for common crafting materials that will get worse as people leveling crafting get where they want to be. The ease with which we can obtain these items should make them near worthless. Allowing players to dump unwanted items to an NPC at an artificially inflated price will create inflation.

I think it is to early to start tweaking the economy. Things may settle in place but we do need to understand the common stuff we can gather/harvest should never be worth much if anything so long as it is so easily obtained.
The answer to the problem if there is a problem isn’t artificially high prices. The solution is reducing the supply. That would mean less drops from harvesting, increase cost in crafting and possibly a separate and limited storage system for these types of materials. Alternatively add something to the game that utilizes huge amounts of these resources.


It would be nice if you could purchase items at any trading outpost from any outpost. But whichever town you buy it. It goes to that stash.

right now, at least on the server i am playing. EVERYONE sells in WW or EF. there are no sales in any other area.

This is a super valid point about the oversupply, but the issue isn’t selling materials on the market. The issue is gold generation. Once all quests are done, accounts generate very little money. Almost all money would come from selling items on the trading post which moves money around but doesn’t add anything to the economy.

Legendary materials with underr 5% drop rate on 10g/ea AH price :joy:
591 epic items 250-300g :joy: No not easy to grind out this gear score items, we are grinding 6hours/day or more and now drops the 550gs items sometimes… lot of rare item price low too…idk why maybe dont need the ppls

Seeing a moderator first replying to this kind of thread pleases me as they acknowledge the fact that economy has a problem in the game :relaxed:

I’m not an economist but I understand the problem is basically the lack of gold coins in the market. I hope you’ll quickly provide us a way to produce more gold.

OP suggestion seems to me like a valid step towards this goal.

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I would like to put a few points into this, since a community mod put this forward as a discussion point to the devs.

I, too, think this is needed in some way, but it needs to be careful. Weak potions, can be made in the 1000’s at a time due to how simple the materials are. An item like this would need to be vendor trash for 0.01 so it’s just not used as a grinding outlet for cash infusion. Someone spending an hour finding the materials and making the potions, to make 100g seems pretty okay.

But, this needs to be carefully watched for easily grinded/crafted items so they don’t just become an outlet for tons of gold. If this side can be controlled, then, this should be a good way for all players to always have a way to gain gold.

Maybe try to come to some outcome that at level 60, per hour of productive play (killing/gathering/crafting) should produce maybe 100 or 200g in whatever items. Then, every player can produce this money from just playing. Just be careful as too much would hurt the game the other way.

As for PvP, something needs to be tied together with this idea of gold producing/destruction but in a way that makes sense.

From what I understand, originally, this game was always PvP flagged, items dropped/destroyed upon death (even PvP) and items destroy over time. Somewhere between that idea and today, we have what we have. Maybe, to allow some economy back into the game for PvPers, I would suggest implementing the following:

  1. Random coin is dropped from a PvP death. Don’t make the player actually lose the coin, but a PvP death should drop some coin. Keep it the same as above, somewhere around 100g to 200g per hour of productive PvP.

  2. Forts need to be locked from PvP once captured for some duration to allow players to move around the map to attempt to capture others. Even a 30m capture time would be a big step. This allows PvPers to capture a fort that gives a faction wide buff for a while that affects the economy.

  3. All items in the game need to slowly decay over time due to repairs. Without a repair kit, using the normal repair from salvage, items should lose like 2% (could be random between 5% and 1%). I would shoot for an average of 50 repairs from salvage, the item will need to be replaced. Then, the MAJOR thing that is needed is that repair kits would give a 5x factor boost in this durability drop, to 0.4% per repair (maybe range from 1% to 0.1% per repair kit). Again, around an average of 250 repairs. Because as of right now, repair kits are worthless and items exist forever. But, this mainly makes all items the game generates is something that you will need to go back and get again some type in the future, slowly generating destruction of items over time. I would also do this for furniture. All items maybe should lose some decoration score over time and need to be replaced.

  4. This is a BIG one for PvPers to affect economy is that you CAN’T (CANNOT) gather from nodes or skin animals without being PvP flagged in an opposing faction territory. If your in your own faction territory, you can do the above without being flagged. You can complete quests, loot chests, loot bags from drops, and interact in opposing territory without being flagged (those who want to level can do in peace).

  5. While not directly PvP related, it is needed. FFXIV idea of omnicrafters are VERY bad. New World should not follow/allow this. Refining/Gathering is okay to allow anyone to do this but players should only be allowed to level two different Crafting skills beyond 100. This helps create a robust player driven economy by items slowly degrading, PvPers controlling territory for gathering/crafting, along with multiple hubs of trade being developed instead of a single server one, and forts maintaining longer control due to only swapping control every so often. I would add a block that you can no longer gain XP in any crafting skill once 100 is reached. If you are over 100 in any crafting skill, have a trigger start upon logging. You can’t do any crafting until you have made some choices first:

  • Choose a crafting skill that is over 100 to be your main skill. You can now craft in that skill only.
  • Make another choice above, if you have another crafting skill over 100.
  • If two crafting skills have been chosen, then all other crafting skills over 100 are automatically reduced to 100 and you immediately gain 100g per level of crafting over 100. (this means someone who is 200 in all skills would gain 50000g, I believe. This would be the maximum.

I will mention, all five of these suggestions need to be implemented together as each one works with another change to make the whole better. Just doing only one or two of the above would not reach the desired outcome of allowing PvP and Economy being more intertwined together, along with crafting be more important to drive the economy, and allow things to be taken out of the economy and place back in either directly by another player or by drops. This also still keeps the idea that PvP is a voluntary action, that you make the choice to do by flagging.

My issue with the economy is also the rng of necessary items to craft with salt is needed for a ton of recipes but goes for 40 gold per the food made with this sell for 2 or 3 gold maybe. Tyhere should be a basics vendor that will wander from town to town that sell items like eggs salt etc. for cooking Saffron is like .05 gold salt shouldn’t be 37+ gold.

I agree with 1 and 2 wholeheartedly. 3 is a change that I also support, but I can understand if others don’t as it is closer to a survival game system. Repair kits feel pretty useless currently, but that may just be that I’m locked to advanced kits ATM.

4 and 5 feel problematic. I enjoy crafting and resource gathering and being completely locked out due to my needing a profession and to be in the dominant faction would kill the game for me.

If I’m not mistaken, you collect something like 20% more if your faction owns the area you are collecting in. I suppose you could also tax players on materials if they aren’t in the faction. Something like 10% less materials gathered if you aren’t in the faction that owns the area.

Instead of completely locking players out, why not build players up? Say at level 20 you get to choose one crafting skill that you don’t have to pay taxes on.

Absolutely not. This is how you kill the game quickly.

I’d like to see something similar to the town board but independent of who owns the city & city owners do not profit/benefit from it. Repeatable turn-in quests of materials that upgrade the roads in that area like the crafting machines are upgraded. Cobblestone roads would give faster run speed than the dirt roads. It’s something the community could work on together & would remove a lot of the .01 materials from the trade post making the mats more valuable.

There needs to be a way to earn money. A rare fish that can be sold for 50g. A rare drop from mobs that can be sold for 10g. Town boards & quests at lvl 60 shouldn’t reward XP and gold reward should be upped significantly.

The problem is there is no way to earn gold. You can’t log in and decide “I need to do A, B & C because I need gold”. Also house taxes are crazy crazy high and due far too frequently. I don’t even own a house because of this. It’s punitive instead of a fun game activity. Feels very punishing for something that should be fun.

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The player driven market is already broken, to maintain an economy requires a closed loop monetary system. Now it is possible to add value (gold) to a closed loop monetary system and that will cause a influx of available funds which will cause the prices to rise. But seldom if ever does value just vanish.
We pay taxes, those taxes are taken and used to purchase services of the people, in the game those services are the town boards. So logically speaking; the more taxes that a town generates, the greater the reward for doing the town boards.
However this is not implemented, instead the value of the town boards seem static irregardless of the income the town is receiving and this is what is killing the economy.
For the town to prosper, not only must the taxes be paid but also the residents (homeowners) must be making enough funds to support the town.
On another point, there are no set values for any commodities, be it iron ore or 500gs armor and weapons. The price of such items are what the buyer will pay and of course sellers are going to lower the price until they are selling, this is economics.
If you post your item for 5 gold, I may post mine for 4.50g and some person may post it for 3 gold. Unfortunately this means that the 3 gold price will be purchased before my 4.50 gold and then your 5 gold. Of course someone may want to corner the market by buying all our items then posting it for 20 gold and for a short time they will control the price of the item until I return and post my items for 10 gold and the cycle continues. This is economics at it’s heart.

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I know many have raised the point that the market transferring gold between players and the generation of gold from non-market sources in the world are two separate issues, but they are tied together. I can’t speak for any but myself, but I have found that the gold drops from mobs I kill seem decent. Mind you, I tend to get better gold from humanoids, which makes sense. Killing things I can skin means I’m already getting possible skinning/tracking XP, materials I can sell or use, etc. So good alternate rewards. But killing humanoids really only offers the odd drop, so some additional coin for those seems a fair trade. Now I myself have gotten good gold grinding and haven’t seen the issue of gold generation, although I trust those who have to be able to shed more light on that. But its worth mentioning that any scenario in which AGS increases the gold availability will, as Kargan pointed out, just lead to over inflation and the same problem will remain. What difference does it make if I can sell my goods for 10x more if what I want to buy also costs 10x more?

As for an NPC vendor, this is the opposite of a real working economy. The value of items is nothing more than what someone is willing to pay you for it. If no one is buying item X on the trade posts, it’s because there is no demand for it. An NPC vendor buying it is the same as a government subsidy to buy products from a company that produces goods no one wants to buy. It’s not a solution to the real problem that goods are worthless.

Part of this is, as was already mentioned, over supply. This is currently largely driven by an entire player base in roughly the same position; everyone trying to level the same skills at the same time. If even 10% of a server population is trying to level Arcana by all making weak health potions, and they’re all making 1000s of them at a time, of course the value of them is negligible. With time, as less people are trying to level and grind skills, the supply will likely begin to drop. And those who are interested in continuing to take the time to gather and craft will likely see the value of their goods go up as the supply drops.

Just my thoughts, Cheers

The issue is the gold is leaving the game economy faster than it trickles in from mobs being killed. I understand the appeal of having a completely player run economy, but the cost of repairs + tuning orb for a full party of level 60 players who run a dungeon with no deaths still exceeds the gold generated from mobs killed in a dungeon.

Yes more gold in the economy will increase the price of items, but they can increase the gold coming in by a small amount and let the economy react. Items will inflate. Some people will profit immensely, some will lose gold on sales. Eventually, the market will even out. - The idea here would be that players who spend time grinding whatever money making method they come up with, will be able to consistently profit, even if just a little bit. Nobody should be losing money while grinding efficiently.