Broken Game******

Do you have to break the game more with each update?
Before updating with melee, I was able to hit 1 2 hits, now I can’t do that either.
Hatchet is messed up GA is messed up WH is messed up

what do you want everyone to be Range?

I can’t hit anyone with my hatchet and the person I’m trying to hit walks normally NORMAL yet none of my hits work

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Animations are a big problem for this design team. They should not exceed a second in half or so a second in duration, yet some of them take very long periods of time.

no dude it’s not, i can’t hit any more with GA while chasing a person Ax animation goes through the enemy but does no damage

the dude brought up a hatchet like 3 times and you focus on him mentioning Ga/Wh once? Get out of here dude.

I agree, my hatchet i can use feral rush (a leaping attack) on a person walking normal, on their back can’t get any closer, and get ZERO hits.

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