Broken luck, broken game, broken information, broken gear, no money.. Broken game

So Today we tried this on 2 characters.

We killed Baines 10 times in total.

*guy In faction gear got 3 epic and 1 Legendary.

*Guy in Voidbent got 3 greens.

  • Then we switched.

*Guy in Faction gear got 2 epic and 1 blue 1 Legendary.

*Guy in Voidbent 2 Green.

Then we did myrkgaard, shattered Mountain
We fought Bosses, died on trash for 2 hours. We cleared it 5 man (all but läst, even in full void, he 2 shotted me as tank)
Broke shield first and killed me on secound coz im stunned.

So 2 hours of playtime.
I got nothing of value from myrkgaard.
None in my group got anything of value, i got 33 shitty Green items 3 purple from myrkgaard :joy::joy::joy::joy: and refining materials.

/played = 23 days

To Laine - printscreeen this and show this to management.

Shut down The game.

We are investing so much time and effort in a game thats still in alfa state and can not meet anyone standard as it is.

We dont even have an Auction house, we didnt have that last week either.

One bug after another.

-Gretaxe bug
-Broken gear (luck)
-Broken gear (resillience)
-Hatchet bug
-Lifestaff bug
-Unplayable wars
-Bosses that explodes and insta dies
-Overnerfing some classes to a point that its redicolous.
-Harvest set gone
-broken econ
-Unbalanced faction play Base.
-no information from devs

And The worst part is that some of These bugs where playable for several days. For example.
Hatchet bug wonn like wars, and still it was playable :joy:

The game is broken to a point that its unplayable.

The biggest point of irony is this.

Myrkgaard doesnt drop anything at all worth mentioning for me.
Som adds 1 shots us, since we are Comming close to Day 3 without Auction house and there is no income whatsoever and Then some Bosses are more or less impossible to kill, they create something that is called repairbill. Only income for me is my Daily quest, that doesnt cover myrkgaard :joy:

Hahah i cant even repair my gear :joy::joy:

The players has Come to a point where we say
“if i had been working at ASG, i would have removed that little detail from my CV”

Worst part is, there is no reward for us that still supporting whats left in the game.

Wich is at this point nothing.!


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