Bronze Grove decimated by the clicking gods. Dryads striking

The Bronze grove was one on the last magical places in Brightwood. it seemed that they truly had a lock on it and anyone or anything that entered met with death. It seemed so out of place but reminded me of walking into the Elven forest in LotR and simply magical. I dont know about anyone else by i am definitely NOT a fan of the decimation that occurred there outside the cave. It took away the complete beauty of the area and made it into a zone there is no reason to go into now. Not sure why they felt they nerfed the vegetation but i truly wish that they put it back to the way it was. I was great walking through there and not seeing the sky. truly reminded me of the George Cameron movie where nature ruled and i was trespassing. Now, its just blah. lost it charm. If you are correcting a zone, please dont be hasty and destroy the charm you spent months creating just to get it out the door and feel the players want it fixed. It was better when i had to dodge and weave through there and pray i didnt get stuck running away from those Legolas archers.

I know the art team is trying to make it more open for fighting so people are not getting hung up on vegetation but they killed one of the magical spots that was, WAS as beautiful as Ebonheart. I see alot of the landscape disappearing and i wish they truly didnt take it away. It looks bleak and barren now as they have not replaced it with better just stripped away alot of what gives the game charm.

Please let the Dryads put back what once was true beauty.

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