Brutes in ORP way overturned

Haven’t really seen anything about this, BUT HOLY SHIT they make me not want to play opr anymore. First 5 min of opr is so much fun. THEN COMES THE BRUTES. Spam cc, take 50-75% of your life in a hit, insane aggo range, 1029474826 hit points. Isn’t this a pvp mode lol.

They did it to please the moaning pvmers that shouted “but why do pvpers get to make gold by pvp-ing and i don’t?” so they added this stupid mechanics to give them something to do in there. I fully agree, they aren’t fun even for the team that spawns them.

I mean I’m no hardcore PVPer, when I’m farming I’m not flagged or do I care about people who are, you do you. But OPR is just insanely not fun with desync/lag already, LETS ADD SOME RAID MOBS

Yes, Brutes need to go. They have a massive health pool, good damage, pulls everyone to center from good distance away. Not to mention you have to deal with 10-15 of the other team. Most the time the brutes never die on the forts.

The PVE aspects of OPR are very conflicting with what i would prefer with a PVP instance.

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Why does no1 mention the fact that those devil forged creatures BLOCK the entrance with their bodies. For allies and enemies. Like wtf???


Favorite comment LOL so damn true

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There is nothing quite like fighting in the middle of the base and have a brute suck up your entire force into a convenient little cluster and then have a couple of fire mages drop pillars on top of you.
Good on the mages for having the common sense to take advantage of the situation, but its straight up infuriating at times.

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Welcome to winning OPR:

Early bear to cockblock their brutes, place your own brutes ASAP.

“Skill-based PvP”

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