Brutes in Outpost Rush are frustrating and boring

1, To summon the brutes you have to do pve content in primarily pvp based gameplay. It is boring.

2, The brutes are too over powered. Whoever gets the brute or worse both brutes on a point have a massive advantage due to

2.1. the brutes huge aoe pull that stacks any player in the aoe to the brute.

2.2. the balls hitting easily for 50% - 70% HP of lightly armored players.

2.3. While these can be dodged sometimes, you cant dodge if the brute is behind you and cant see it.

2.4 brutes spamming the balls into the point.

2.5. The brutes having too big of an HP pool to the point the brutes are not worth attempting to kill most of the time.

2.6. Sometimes the brutes jump on you and do 2, 3 staggering attacks making this a one shot with no counter play if you havent managed to dodged the first hit.

2.7. The frequency of the cc from brutes is just frustrating.

3, Brutes are boring. I come to OPR to pvp, not pve.

4, FIghts around the brutes can be decided by an unlucky intervention from the brute instead of skill based pvp play.

5, What to do about it?

The brutes need to be harder to get, faster to kill, or have less impact on the enemy team, especially the cc.

Remove all the NPC summons. I personally dont see any good way of balancing this. The summons will be either too strong and frustrating to pvp or too weak and not worth getting them. Maybe they can work if you add some interesting mechanics that work well within the pvp but I am sceptical.

In any case, I also suggest the NPC summons should be entirely removed at least as a hotfix for the brute meta which makes the game frustrating and unenjoyable.


I very much agree. Right now in a lot of the matches, one team often runs over to PvE for a while initially, so they get steamrolled all the way back to their first fort which may get taken. Then you see middle getting taken and head back, only to find 1 or 2 Brutes from the enemy camping it.

The Brutes are pretty much impossible to fight while dealing with the enemy team, the only way you can is to ignore Baroness (maybe send a few to try sniping it), and kill a Brute while the enemy is away.

When trying to defend a cap, just to send on it will result in you getting yo-yo’d back and forth across the fort, making it impossible to even have the numbers on there to try and cap it back. The only time I’ve had a team win once a Brute has been placed was when we were actually that much better then them (whether it was roles we had, GS, number of players, etc), and we killed most of them and got a few minutes to kill the Brute before pushing their fort and spawn.


I was ready to make this same post tonight. Brutes are way too powerful in OPR. I don’t think I’ve seen a match yet where the first team with a brute loses.

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brutes are incredibly boring to fight and to summon. it’s like the devs want outpost rush to appeal to pve players, when those types of players can just go pve in the actual game world.

even worse, brutes are overpowered and can decide the outcome of a match. losing a pvp gamemode to pve is frustrating and a complete joke. i don’t understand why they are even in the game mode, or how the people that always rush to spawn them handle the sheer boredom of the task.

in the end, summons add nothing to the gamemode and should be removed or nerfed into oblivion. even further, the boosts achieved by pve should be removed too, but that’s another topic entirely. pvp should simply be pvp.

I think the portal could stay, but rather than a way of summoning brutes, it could be a team buff like baroness which gives a nice to have effect while under control by a side. Maybe a slight health/mana regen buff? Increased dmg to counter the baroness increased defense buff? Who knows. I think the map should be more interactive, though as of now the PvE is a joke in OPR. Ive actually noticed that in games where a couple of our team mates stay back to upgrade an outpost, we end up losing due to being down a couple players for key fights.

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Id like to know who tought at Brutes in outpost

I just wish their HP didn’t keep resetting. At least you could work them down then. If the enemy team is better, and they get 2x brutes in the middle… whats the counter play?

You can’t tank the brute and kill it because they will collapse on your team.
You can’t chip away at it because it will reset.
You can’t summon your own to fight it because the slots are already taken.
You can’t really win the fight on point because your team will be spam sucked back and forth.

Do you build the cannon? Is this going to just become race to brutes game mode? 500 azoth is not hard to solo farm at all. I don’t want to camp the brute turn in the whole game either, just let me pvp


i feel this mode one of the few content left i still play make me frustrated from time to time due to brute. and i play this game less and less lately too.

it feel like the developer try to make this game frustrating to play instead of fun to play.

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They at least need to nerf his health and give him skill cooldown, He literally spams skills

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  • Too much HP
  • Resets HP when losing aggro to a distant player
  • OP Hits (especially light armor, like it isnt hard enough to play one with the current unbalance)

My suggestion would be

  • Nerf HP or
  • On lost aggro, stay at current HP do not reset or
  • Hit less dmg
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Majority of the content in OPR is PvE content… PvE mob that freezes score- PvE farming to get an NPC brute that’s clearly OP af, Collecting ore/wood/leathers for the forts. azoth from mobs to get foods- and those players doing that yield the most points vs actually PvP… the only game mode where PvP players are actually the support while PvE’ers are main focus.

Sure- the flag points and killing players will yield points too, but there were times where I would get over 600k damage, with 10+ kills low deaths, always get my kills stolen etc etc… and I’ll still be last place vs someone who built doors or farmed NPCs/trees/ore lol

I’m not sure why OPR is so heavily influenced by PvE content when it’s supposed to be a PVP game mode XD

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Make it cost 1500-2000 azoth instead of 500: if it’s going to be that strong.


or just remove it, we don’t need pve in a pvp mode.


ain’t gotta tell me more than once… I’ve advocated for it’s removal as well :slight_smile:

I recently was in a 16v16 match where we got the first brute but lost, the other team also sniped our baroness kill. By 15 minute mark the other team had summoned their own brute on the center and summoned two additional brutes, one on each outpost.

why, devs are so clever, just put your trust on them. Brute are the best idea of this game. See everyone group of 5 premates rush every outpost rush the farm brute is a incredible. +1 !

brutes should have never been in OPR anyways

this game went from pvp focused to nearly pure pve, the ONE dedicated thing for pvp… isnt.
get rid of them ffs.

I agree they should be removed or nerfed.

Can you show me where you saw anyone on NW dev team say OPR is a specific PvP only event? They have AFAIK always said it was PvPvE.

I think you should start there.
Both teams have equal access to summon a brute.

In case you don’t want to go to the website to look.

This is not true, the south side has had a disadvantage in OPR since launch.
90% of the games (could be higher) are won on the North side of the map.
One reason for this is the fact that the Corruption portal is set closer and safer to the North side.
And since Corruption portals are the main way to win OPR, they have nearly always gotn their brutes out first.

South Side is placed in a worse angle compared to the North side when it comes to capturing Sol.
Not only does South side have a cliff to pass, but they got 2 sets of mobs blocking the fastest way through.
Compared to North who only has 2 wolfs.
This poses a third problem which is respawning and running back into combat, which takes longer for the people on the South Side.

Players leaving and being added has the North Side prioritized.
This is less of an issue on very populated servers as both sides get filled.
But on less populated server (Which our server was) the North side always had 8-10 people more on their side, as their side filled up first, and when someone got added mid match, they got added to an alrdy filled North Side.
This also caused players to just leave mid match from the south side, as it felt unfair, and you got spawn camped the entire match.

So no, both sides DO NOT have an equal access to brutes