Brutes on OPR, hate them

it ruins the game, just that i dont want to camp the portal for it cause i like to play the real objectives


farm 2 straight out the gate and put them at mid and your odds of winning sky rocket.

Never said i dont win, i just say i hate them

Honestly I think it makes for an interesting mechanic much like baron. Without these mechanics it’s just a mass pile on the forts.

While I don’t like PvE in OPR and gathering included I know some people do. However I love the small skirmishes they cause. Little 1v1 or 2v2 fights and potentially adds mixing it up is quite refreshing.

I do think brute is a bit over tuned. I like their power and impact, but they last to long. Since people rarely can coordinate enough to kill them it becomes a race to deploy them. I would make their life not reset back to full, but add some passive health Regen. So we can kill them slowly over time which will make them less overpowering, and give people a reason to aquire more then the initial brutes.

Teams should only be allowed to have one Brute up at a time. That will eliminate the Brute spam and promote more skill-play rather than cheesing mechanics to win.

lol. no.

Agreed. Brutes needs to go. Ruins the pvp experience completely.

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