BS update Fishing

For the new update with legendary tools why fishing got left out again? No 600 GS 5 perks fishing where we can get motes like the other tools. Make Fishing Great Again. #bassproshopguy


Lol smart people at ags even made it so you can’t use the medleyfair trophy and a fishing trophy at the same time. Why else u think I picked them up? Bunch of absolute geniuses if you ask me.


Given the bot problems that especially fishing has, I am quite gateful that there won’t be any GS600 fishing rods that give motes.

Very sad AGS nerfed fishing into the ground and left it there for a year instead of adding anti-bot fishing mechanics.

Fishing bots have been out farmed by regular gathering bots for half a year already. No one bothers with fishing bots. Now with regular gathering bots getting mote tools, they will be even more profitable.
Fishing poles don’t need mote perk poles, fishing needs overall rework to make it useful for regular players.

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I invested a lot of time in fishing and i still try to understand its specific market (fish, filets and oil).
While i agree that at the moment gathering bots are more profitable, fishing bots are easier because you basically can place anywhere there is water even outside of hotspots, litreally avoiding the “contested resource” mechanic.

Fish filets are what sells faster, and you get it from nearly every basic fish, plus you can always get fish oil, which is even more valuable (on my server over-cutted filets sells for 3-4 golds, and oil doesn’t go much lower than 9).

With a good pole and gear, you can get at least 2 basic fish/minute outside hotspots, means you literally print a min of 6 gold/minute (2 as filet price and not considering the oil chance), moreover any bot can always move sometime to prevent afk kick. On top of this anyone can literally do it while afk for short periods of time, they just need to find some water.

How many filets can you realistically get in like 1-2 hours by playing legit and looking for hotspots?
So in conclusion, my take on this is that I care about fishing bots, and i am sure i’m not the only one, because they keep undercutting the market i mostly care about.

On this forum there are a lot of great suggestions, for now my idea would be making fishing outside hotspots less profitable, and maybe adding new hotspots that spawn on random locations so at least totally automated bots can’t know the position

I cant agree on these numbers. You can check you local market or database.

Fish filet price is around 0.60
Fish oil price is around 2.50 (that is bumped recently a bit just because people are hoarding for Brimstone sands update.)

Green wood and Aged wood are both around 0.20 - 0.30 each.
Charcoal price is around 0.40
Timber price is around 0.50
Lumber price is around 1.50

Green wood as most botted resource sells way faster (also sub products like charcoal and timber) and is way faster to gather than fish filet. As for fish filet amount is really dependent on the quality and size of the fish. Fish oil is not 100% salvage result for most common fish.
If we take your average fishing bot by your own numbers fishing outside of hotspot gets about 2 fish a minute. Most bots are not equipped with quality fishing gear and no trophys, so most of their catches will be common small and medium fish. Treasure chests are not that common without hotspot fishing and no trophys. As we can take average price from common small/medium fish is around 1g-5g they will be making at best around 300-400g at best as profit per hour just selling the fish or filet/oil (regular fish doesn’t really sell on market)

Mean while you can take a “fresh account” and give it a random axe and other tools, it will still gather 3-4k of greenwood + other random resources per hour. Depending on if bot just sells green wood directly or refines it to charcoal we are still looking at 1.5k-2k profit per hour for such bot without need of fancy gear as it would require on fishing bot.

I haven’t seen “fishing bots” for months but I counter gathering bot several times a day and in trains.
Fishing outside of hotspots for regular player is already nearly 0 profit activity. Fishing is over nerfed for a long time and fishing bots are rare.

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On my server at the moment fish oil i still at 8-9 most of the times and filets haven’t gone lower than 3 most of the time. But i am sure your number stands on the older server.

The issue to me is still stands even with lower numbers: since fishing is nerfed and not many can do it efficiently (gear, trophies, level …) how many “permanent” or “temporary” bots are needed to undercut the market? All they need is park near water and fish small/medium common fishes for any amount of time.
Especially with your numbers, would you, as a player, spend the time required to fish let’s say 1000 filets when there are way more lucrative activities?

As an experiment i tried to mass buy all the filets i could just to see how fast it’s replaced and repriced on the market and check players on the hostspots (i left out secret ones):

  • Now i sit on a glorious amount of 40k smelling filets XD (and i’m poor)
  • I rarely met someone fishing, hotspots were up most of the times i checked

Now i see fish posted on the market in bullk of 1-2k and each time they undercut by like 10%-15%, that fish has to come from somewhere (i know some may be coming from server transfers where they payed it less than 1g).

I seem to not catch your point you are trying to make?

The sheer quantity of raw resources from gathering bot is way more profitable vs fishing bot as even with 9gold for fish oil would change the profit margin for fishing bot by a little. Fish filet and oil are hard to get on fresh account without trophy’s and gear + fishing is slow activity. Salvaging common small/medium fish provide very little filet and rarely oil which will be the main catch of a bot without gear and trophy’s fishing at non-hotspot areas.

Current bot population reflects that quite clear as there are nearly no fishing bots since fishing nerf and there are large amount of gathering bots roaming freely on most servers.

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