BSOD On Startup of New World

I’m getting BSOD on New world when starting up the game.

Things i have done to try to fix it .

  1. Checked the integrity of the files.
  2. Reinstalled New world twice.
  3. Checked for Updates on GPU and Windows.
  4. Turned off Overclocking to try to fix.
  5. Deleted the AntiCheat to reinstall the files.

None of the Above worked.

My Windows has been updated, My GPU has been updated and it still does not work.

Chacrect Name : Kinjimax
Server : AP Southeast - LAGADO

Below is my PC’s information

Hello @Kinjimax welcome to the New World Forum. :dragon_face:

I’m really sorry to hear you’re experiencing this problem, related to your game.
I recommend that you contact Technical Support in a live chat so that we can conduct a thorough investigation.

When you contact it is important that you have certain information at hand, in your case you already have the names of the server and the character, but we also need the game LOGS here how to obtain them:

1.How to run the file “Dxdiag”

Write “Dxdiag”
Generate and save reports

2.Instructions for finding the LOGS game logs:

Press Windows+R on the keyboard, type %appdata% and press enter.
Open the most recent file in this folder: /AppData/Local/AGS/LogBackups.
Paste the contents of the file into your message.

Here is the link where you can contact: desktop_computer:

I hope this helps you, don’t hesitate to tag me if you need anything else.

See you at Aeternum! :dragon:

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